indian baby names
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Name that means

Meaning:  Like The Sun

List of Names that means 'Like The Sun'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AditiIndianMother of Gods; Earth; Nature; Radiant like the sunGirl
AditiIndianMother of Gods; Radiant like the sunGirl
BhaskariIndianRadiant like the sunGirl
CirinoItalianLike the SunBoy
CiroItalianLike the SunBoy
CyEnglishLike the SunBoy
CyIndianLike the SunBoy
CyraEnglishLike the SunGirl
CyraIndianLike the SunGirl
CyraLatinLike the SunGirl
CyrusEnglishLike the SunBoy
CyrusIndianLike the SunBoy
CyrusLatinLike the SunBoy
IndiraIndianRadiant like the sunGirl
IndiraIndianRadiant like the sun; Goddess LaxmiGirl
KhorvashIndianLike the sunBoy
KhorvashIranian (Persian)Like the SunBoy
Kira  (Кира)RussianLord; Master; Like the SunGirl
KoroushIndianLike the sunBoy
KoroushIranian (Persian)Like the SunBoy
KurushIndianLike the sunBoy
KurushIranian (Persian)Like the SunBoy
KyraEnglishLike the SunGirl
KyraIndianPrincess; Like the SunGirl
Kyrillos  (Κύριλλος)GreekLord; Like the SunGirl
KyrosGreekLord; Like the SunBoy
PrabhaIndianLight; Glow; Shine; Radiant like the sunGirl
SamsonEnglishLike the SunBoy
SamsonIndianLike the SunBoy
ThinakaranIndianBrilliant like the sun; IntelligentBoy