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 Names meaning 'One'

Name that means

Meaning:  One

List of Names that means 'One'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
Aali  (عالي)ArabianLofty; Sublime; The High; Exalted OneBoy
Aaliyah  (عالية)ArabianLofty; Sublime; The High; Exalted OneGirl
AaritIndianOne who seeks the right directionBoy
AaronHebrewExalted One; High; High MountainBoy
AashitaIndianOne who is full of hopeGirl
AashrithaIndianOne who gives shelterGirl
AashutoshIndianOne who fulfills wishes instantlyBoy
AayushIndianOne with long lifeBoy
AayushiIndianOne with long lifeGirl
AayushmaanIndianOne with long lifeBoy
AayushmanIndianOne with long lifeBoy
Abd Er RahmanArabianServant of Merciful OneBoy
AbdalrahmanArabianServant of Merciful OneBoy
Abdul AfuwIndianSlave of the one who pardonsBoy
Abdul AhadIndianSlave of he who is one AllahBoy
Abdul AwwalIndianSlave of the first oneBoy
Abdul BaithIndianSlave of the one who raises deathBoy
Abdul HaleemIndianServant of the forbearing OneBoy
Abdul HaseebIndianServant of the reckonedBoy
Abdul KhabirIndianSlave of the one who is awareBoy
Abdul ManiIndianSlave of one who preventsBoy
Abdul MusawwirIndianSlave of the fashionerBoy
Abdul WaahidIndianServant of the oneBoy
AbdulrahmanIndianservant of the merciful oneBoy
Abdul-WaahidIndianServant of the oneBoy
Abdus SattarIndianSlave of one who conceals faultsBoy
AbhicandraIndianOne with a moon like faceBoy
AbhicandraIndianMoon like face; One of the seven Manus of the Svetambara Jain sectionBoy
AbhicandraIndianWith a moon like face; One of the seven manus of the Svetambara jain sectBoy
AbhijeetIndianVictorious; One who has conquered; Lord KrishnaBoy
AbhijeetIndianOne who is victoriousBoy
AbhijeetIndianVictorious; One who has conqueredBoy
AbhijitIndianOne who is victoriousBoy
AbhimaanineeIndianOne who possess prideGirl
AbhimanyuIndianSon of Arjun; Heroic; One with self respectBoy
AbhiramanaIndianOne who delightsBoy
AbhrakasinIndianOne with clouds to shelter; An AsceticBoy
AbimanyuIndianSon of Arjun; Heroic; One with self respectBoy
AboyoAfricanOne who SauntersGirl
Abul KhayrIndianOne who does goodBoy
AceEnglishNumber oneBoy
AceIndianNumber oneBoy
AcelinEnglishLittle Noble OneBoy
AcelinIndianLittle Noble OneBoy
AcelineEnglishLittle Noble OneGirl
AcelineIndianLittle Noble OneGirl
AcerEnglishNumber oneBoy
AcerIndianNumber oneBoy
AceyEnglishNumber oneBoy
AceyIndianNumber oneBoy
AchanEnglishOne who troublesBoy
AchanIndianOne who troublesBoy
AcharEnglishOne who troublesBoy
AcharIndianOne who troublesBoy
AchyutaIndianIndestructible; One who is firmBoy
AcieEnglishNumber oneBoy
AcieIndianNumber oneBoy
AdalstanGermanNoble StoneBoy
AdalsteinnScandinavianNoble stoneBoy
AdeelIndianJudge; HonestBoy
AdhritIndianThe one who don't need any support but supports everyone; Lord VishnuBoy
AdhritSanskritThe one who don't need any support but supports everyone; Lord VishnuBoy
Adil  (عادل)ArabianFair; Honest; JusticeBoy
AdisaAfricanOne who is ClearBoy
AdvayaIndianOne; UnitedBoy
AdvayaSanskritOne; UnitedBoy
AdwayIndianOne; UnitedBoy
AethelstanAnglo-SaxonNoble stoneBoy
AfeefaIndianHonest; UprightGirl
AfifaIndianHonest; UprightGirl
AfuwIndianOne who pardonsBoy
AghighIranian (Persian)Name of a StoneGirl
AhanIndianOne who is of the nature of time itselfBoy
AharonHebrewExalted One; High; High MountainBoy
AhlamIndianWitty; One who has pleasant dreams; ImaginativeGirl
AhtunowhihoNative AmericanOne who lives belowBoy
AidithAnglo-SaxonSeasoned warriorGirl
AilithAnglo-SaxonSeasoned warriorGirl
AimeeFrenchDear one; Darling; BelovedGirl
AinoFinnishThe only oneGirl
AithbhreacScottishNew Speckled OneGirl
AjaIndianOne who is self existent; UnbornGirl
AjaIndianOne who is self existentGirl
AjaipalIndianOne whose caretaker is the lordBoy
AjarIndianOne Who Is Not OldBoy
AjatashatruIndianOne who has no enemiesBoy
AjatshatruIndianOne who has only friends and no enemiesBoy
AjatshatruIndianOne who has no enemiesBoy
AjitabhIndianOne who has conquered the skyBoy
AjitabhIndianVictor; One who has conquered the skyBoy
AkalankIndianOne who has no blame on him; PureBoy
AkalnivasIndianOne dwelling in the eternal realmBoy
AkalpreetIndianOne who loves the timeless beingBoy
AkalsharanIndianThe one taking shelter in godBoy
AkalsimarIndianOne remembering the eternal godBoy
AkaneIndianOne for whom you cannot stop lovingGirl
AkaneIndianSomeone you cannot stop lovingGirl
AkashIndianSpace; One of the PanchastikayBoy
AkhurathIndianOne who has mouse as charioteerBoy
AkhurathIndianOne who has mouse as his charioteerBoy
AkhurathIndianOne who has mouse as his charioteer; Lord GaneshBoy
AkhurathaIndianOne who has mouse as his charioteerBoy
Al Baqi (الباقي)IndianThe Everlasting One
Al Batin (الباطن)IndianThe Hidden One
Al Ghani (الغنى)IndianThe Rich One
Al Hamid (الحميد)IndianThe Praised One
Al Hayy (الحي)IndianThe Ever Living One
Al Latif (اللطيف)IndianThe Subtle One
Al Majid (المجيد)IndianThe Majestic One
Al Matin (المتين)IndianThe Forceful One
Al Muqsit (المقسط)IndianThe Equitable One
Al Muta'ali (المتعالي)IndianThe Supreme One
Al Qayyum (القيوم)IndianThe Self-Existing One
Al Quddus (القدوس)IndianThe Pure One
Al Wadud (الودود)IndianThe Loving One
Al Wahid (الواحد)IndianThe One; the All Inclusive; The Indivisible
AleaEnglishThe High; Exalted oneGirl
AleaIndianThe High; Exalted oneGirl
Ali  (عليّ)ArabianLofty; Sublime; The High; Exalted OneBoy
AliyaArabianThe High; Exalted OneGirl
AliyyaArabianThe High; Exalted OneGirl
AliyyahArabianThe High; Exalted OneGirl
AlmiraEnglishNobly famous; Exalted one; PrincessGirl
AlmiraIndianNobly famous; Exalted one; PrincessGirl
AlopIndianOne who does not disappearBoy
AmalaIndianThe pure oneGirl
AmaleshIndianThe pure oneBoy
AmanIndianThe one who is peacefulBoy
AmanbirIndianThe one who fights for peaceBoy
AmanjeetIndianOne who attains to peaceUnisex
AmanjeevanIndianOne who lives a peaceful lifeBoy
AmanpreetIndianOne who loves peaceBoy
AmanvirIndianThe one who fights for peaceBoy
AmarIndianThe immortal oneBoy
AmbaalikaIndianMother; One who is sensitiveGirl
AmbalikaIndianMother; One who is sensitiveGirl
AmenophisGreekHe who works for AtoneBoy
AmeryLatinThe Loving OneBoy
AmiFrenchDear one; Darling; BelovedGirl
Amin  (أمين)ArabianTruthful; Trustworthy; HonestBoy
AminIndianHonest; Faithful; Trust worthyBoy
AminIranian (Persian)HonestBoy
AminaArabianTruthful; Trustworthy; HonestGirl
AminahArabianTruthful; Trustworthy; HonestGirl
AmishIndianPure; HonestBoy
AmishIndianHonest; PureBoy
AmishSanskritPure; HonestBoy
AmitabhIndianOne with boundless splendor; UnlimitedBoy
AmitabhIndianOne with boundless splendorBoy
AmitabhIndianUnlimited; One with boundless splendorBoy
AmitavaIndianOne with boundless splendorBoy
AmitavaIndianUnlimited; One with boundless splendorBoy
AmitavaIndianOne with boundless splendor; UnlimitedBoy
AmitojIndianOne who is difficult to be concurredBoy
AmmielEnglishOne of the family of GodBoy
AmmielIndianOne of the family of GodBoy
AmmihudEnglishOne of the people of JudahBoy
AmmihudIndianOne of the people of JudahBoy
AmmonGreekThe hidden oneBoy
AmonEgyptianThe Hidden OneBoy
AmoryEnglishHome ruler; The loving oneBoy
AmoryIndianHome ruler; The loving oneBoy
AmoryLatinThe Loving OneBoy
AmounEgyptianThe Hidden OneBoy
AmritleenIndianOne imbued in the lord's nectarBoy
AmritpalIndianOne protected by the lord's nectarBoy
AmukIndianSome; One or anotherBoy
AmuktaIndianOne that can't be touched; PreciousGirl
AnadiIndianEternal; One without beginningBoy
AnadjotIndianOne who radiates the lord's lightBoy
AnaghaIndianOne without sinGirl
AnahitaIndianGraceful; The immaculate oneGirl
AnahitaIndianGraceful; Immaculate oneGirl
AnamikaIndianRing Finger; One without nameGirl
AnandIndianOne who is blissful; DelightfulBoy
AnandleenIndianOne absorbed in the lord's blissBoy
AnanmayaIndianOne who cannot be brokenBoy
AnantadrishtiIndianInfinite visionerBoy
AnasuaIndianOne who is not jealous of anybodyGirl
AnasuyaIndianOne without spite or envyGirl
AnchalaIndianOne end of sari which is freeGirl
AndalIndianTamil saint; one of 12 AlvarsGirl
AneeshaIndianOne who is supremeGirl
AneshIndianSmart oneBoy
AngadIndianOne who is embraced by godBoy
AnhurEgyptianSky Bearer; Or Brings Back the Distant OneBoy
AninditaIndianBeautiful; One who is never speaks ill; IrreproachableGirl
AnindyaIndianOne who cannot be blamedBoy
AniruddhaIndianOne that can't be restrictedBoy
AniruddhaIndianOne who that cannot be restrictedBoy
AnishkaIndianOne who has no enemiesGirl
AnishkaIndianOne who has only friends and no enemiesGirl
AnjalikaIndianOne of Arjuna's arrowsBoy
AnjalikaIndianOne of Arjuna's arrowsGirl
AnjuIndianBlessings; Unconquerable; One who lives in heartGirl
AnjuIndianBlessing; One who lives in heartGirl
AnjuIndianOne who lives in heartGirl
AnjushreeIndianDear to one's heart; BelovedGirl
AnjushreeSanskritDear to one's heart; BelovedGirl
AnjushriIndianDear to one's heart; BelovedGirl
AnjushriIndianDear to one's heartGirl
AnjushriSanskritDear to one's heart; BelovedGirl
AnkalIndianWhole; One who has no illnessBoy
AnkalSanskritWhole; One who has no illnessBoy
AnkithaIndianOne with auspicious marksGirl
AnscomEnglishStone Enclosed ValleyBoy
AnscomIndianStone Enclosed ValleyBoy
AnscombEnglishStone Enclosed ValleyBoy
AnscombIndianStone Enclosed ValleyBoy
AntarpreetIndianOne who loves the light withinBoy
AnulataIndianOne with very slim figureGirl
AnulekhaIndianBeautiful picture; One who follows destinyGirl
AnulekhaIndianOne who follows destinyGirl
AnviIndianOne of Devi's nameGirl
AnviIndianOne of Devi's namesGirl
AnvitaIndianOne who bridges the gapGirl
AonghasScottishStrength; One ChoiceBoy
AonghusScottishStrength; One ChoiceUnisex
ApudoAfricanThe Fat OneGirl
Ar Raqib (الرقيب)IndianThe Watchful One
ArchitIndianOne who deserves to be worshiped; GivingBoy
ArchitaIndianOne who deserves to be worshiped; GivingGirl
ArchitaIndianOne who is worshippedGirl
AreilleHebrewLioness of GodGirl
ArekPolishThe Exalted OneBoy
AriannaIndianHoly oneGirl
ArieleFrenchLioness of GodGirl
ArielleFrenchLioness of GodGirl
ArihantIndianLord Shiva; One who has killed his enemiesBoy
ArihantIndianOne who has killed his enemiesBoy
AritraIndianOne who shows the right path; NavigatorBoy
ArivuchelvanIndianOne whose wealth is his wisdomBoy
ArjunIndianPeacock; Son of lord Indra; One of the Pandava brothersBoy
ArjunSanskritSon of lord Indra; One of the Pandava brothersBoy
ArmelFrenchStone PrinceBoy
ArmelleFrenchStone PrincessGirl
AronPolishThe Exalted OneBoy
ArshadIndianGuided; Honest; Holy; PiousBoy
ArshaqIndianHandsome; Well proportionedBoy
ArshiaIndianHeavenly; ThroneGirl
ArshiaIranian (Persian)ThroneBoy
ArvanIndianOne of the moon's horsesBoy
As Sabur (الصبور)IndianThe Patient One
AsalIranian (Persian)HoneyGirl
AscelinaEnglishLittle Noble OneGirl
AscelinaIndianLittle Noble OneGirl
AscelineEnglishLittle Noble OneGirl
AscelineIndianLittle Noble OneGirl
AseelIndianOne belonging to a great heritage and familyBoy
AseelaIndianOne belonging to a great heritage and familyGirl
AseelahIndianOne belonging to a great heritage and familyGirl
AseelahIndianOne who belongs to a great heritage and familyGirl
AshikaIndianOne without sorrow; MercuryGirl
AshokIndianWithout sadness; One without sorrowBoy
AshokIndianOne without sorrowBoy
AshokaIndianOne without griefGirl
AshrithIndianOne who gives refuge to othersBoy
AshutoshIndianLord Shiva; One who is easily pleasedBoy
AsitvaranIndianDark complexionedBoy
AsiyaIndianOne who tends to the weak and healsBoy
AsiyaIndianOne who tends to the weak and healsGirl
AsjidIndianOne who prays to godBoy
AslamIndianOne who salutesBoy
AstikIndianOne who has faith in godBoy
AsutoshIndianOne who becomes happy easilyBoy
AsvedhaIndianOne of the mandramGirl
AswadIndianBlack stoneBoy
AswadIndianIslamic name (a black stone) in MeccaBoy
AthaleyahHebrewLioness of GodGirl
AthelstanEnglishNoble stoneBoy
AthelstanIndianNoble stoneBoy
AthervanIndianOne of the four VedasBoy
AtinIndianGreat oneBoy
AtinIndianThe great oneBoy
AugadhIndianOne who revels all the timeBoy
AusetEgyptianQueen; Princess; Women of ThroneGirl
AvalokIndianOne who beholdsBoy
AveerIndianBrave; one who fights for peaceBoy
AvighnaIndianOne without obstaclesUnisex
AvighnaIndianIgnorant; One without obstacles; Remover of obstaclesUnisex
AviralIndianContinuous; Ongoing; One who never stopsBoy
AvlokitaIndianThe enlightened oneGirl
AwuorAfricanThe Greedy OneGirl
AwwalIndianFirst oneBoy
AyaanIndianOne who witnesses; AppearBoy
AyanIndianOne who witnesses; AppearBoy
AyashaNative AmericanLittle OneGirl
AyasheNative AmericanLittle OneGirl
AyawamatNative AmericanObedient; One who follows ordersBoy
AyiraAfricanThe Chosen OneGirl
AynEnglishThe Only OneGirl
AynIndianThe Only OneGirl
AyokunleAfricanOne who filled the Home with JoyBoy
AyushmatiIndianOne who has a long lifeGirl
AyushmatiSanskritOne who has a long life; Eternal oneGirl
Az Zahir (الظاهر)IndianThe Manifest One
AzamIndianPowerful one; OffspringBoy
BaariIndianOne of the names of god; EvolverBoy
BaasitIndianExpander; One who spreads or grants prosperityBoy
BahadarIndianOne who is brave and courageousBoy
BahubaliIndianOne who has strength in his arms; Brother of lord BharatBoy
BahugandhaIndianOne with lot of scentGirl
BaisIndianOne of the 99 names of godBoy
BaithIndianOne who raises deathBoy
BakhsheeshIndianThe blessed oneBoy
BakhtawarIndianOne who brings good luckBoy
BalaSanskritChild; Young oneBoy
BalamohanIndianOne who is attractiveBoy
BalganymKazakhHoney LadyGirl
BaltejIndianOne with glorious mightBoy
BandhaviIndianOne who loves friends and family membersGirl
BasheerIndianOne who carries good newsBoy
BasirIndianOne of the 99 names of godBoy
Basit  (باسط)ArabianOne Who EnlargesBoy
BeavisEnglishShining oneBoy
BeavisIndianShining oneBoy
BeccaEnglishOne who snares; TrapsGirl
BeccaIndianOne who snares; TrapsGirl
BecciEnglishOne who snares; TrapsGirl
BecciIndianOne who snares; TrapsGirl
BeckaEnglishOne who snares; TrapsGirl
BeckaIndianOne who snares; TrapsGirl
BeckahEnglishOne who snares; TrapsGirl
BeckahIndianOne who snares; TrapsGirl
BeckyEnglishOne who snares; TrapsGirl
BeckyIndianOne who snares; TrapsGirl
BekkiEnglishOne who snares; TrapsGirl
BekkiIndianOne who snares; TrapsGirl
BelphoebeEnglishBeautiful Shining OneGirl
BelphoebeIndianBeautiful Shining OneGirl
BerniceFrenchOne who brings victoryGirl
BernissFrenchOne who brings victoryGirl
BernyceFrenchOne who brings victoryGirl
BerylEnglishGreen GemstonesGirl
BerylIndianGreen GemstonesGirl
BeverleyEnglishBeaver Stream; Shining OnesBoy
BeverleyIndianBeaver Stream; Shining OnesBoy
BeverlyEnglishBeaver Stream; Shining OnesGirl
BeverlyIndianBeaver Stream; Shining OnesGirl
BevisEnglishShining oneBoy
BevisIndianShining oneBoy
BhadrakshIndianOne with beautiful eyesBoy
BhadrakshIndianOne with beautiful eyes; Whose eyes reflect auspiciousnessBoy
BhadrakshSanskritOne with beautiful eyes; Whose eyes reflect auspiciousnessBoy
BhagirathIndianOne who brought Ganga on earthBoy
BhagirathIndianOne who brought Ganga on earth; An ancient kingBoy
BhagwantIndianOne whose heart is full of loving devotionBoy
BhajanIndianOne who is absorbed in god's loveBoy
BhalanetraIndianOne who has an eye in the foreheadBoy
BhavjeetIndianOne who swims across the dreadful world oceanBoy
BheemaIndianMighty; Huge and Gigantic; One of PandavasBoy
BhimIndianMighty; Huge and Gigantic; One of PandavasBoy
BhimaIndianMighty; Huge and Gigantic; One of PandavasBoy
BhimaSanskritThe mighty oneBoy
BhishmaIndianOne who has taken a terrible vowBoy
BhishmaIndianOne who has taken a terrible vow; Teacher of KauravasBoy
BhuvanIndianPalace; One of the three worldsBoy
BiddyEnglishExalted oneGirl
BiddyIndianExalted oneGirl
BirgitScandinavianExalted oneGirl
BirgittaFinnishExalted OneGirl
BirgittaScandinavianExalted OneGirl
BirgitteDanishExalted OneGirl
BirteDanishExalted OneGirl
BitasokIndianOne who does not mournBoy
Biyu  (碧玉)ChineseJasper; Precious StoneGirl
BlainEnglishLittle yellow oneBoy
BlainIndianLittle yellow oneBoy
BlaineEnglishLittle yellow oneBoy
BlaineIndianLittle yellow oneBoy
BonitaSpanishPretty Little oneGirl
BothScottishFrom the stone houseBoy
BothainScottishFrom the stone houseBoy
BothanScottishFrom the stone houseBoy
BotrosArabianRock; StoneBoy
BoutrosArabianRock; StoneBoy
Boyka  (Бойка)BulgarianOne Who Teriffies In BattleGirl
Boyko  (Бойко)BulgarianOne Who Teriffies In BattleBoy
BrahmjotIndianOne in union with godBoy
BredaEnglishExalted oneGirl
BredaIndianExalted oneGirl
BreedaEnglishExalted oneGirl
BreedaIndianExalted oneGirl
BridgetEnglishExalted oneGirl
BridgetIndianExalted oneGirl
BridgetteEnglishExalted oneGirl
BridgetteIndianExalted oneGirl
BridieEnglishExalted oneGirl
BridieIndianExalted oneGirl
BrielleEnglishStrong one of God; Warrior of GodGirl
BrielleIndianStrong one of God; Warrior of GodGirl
BrigidLatinExalted OneGirl
BrigidaItalianExalted OneGirl
BrigidaLatinExalted OneGirl
BrigitEnglishExalted oneGirl
BrigitIndianExalted oneGirl
BrigittaHungarianExalted OneGirl
BrigittaLatinExalted OneGirl
BrigitteGermanExalted OneGirl
BrijrajIndianOne who rules the natureBoy
BritaFinnishExalted OneGirl
BritaScandinavianExalted oneGirl
BrittScandinavianExalted oneGirl
BrittaScandinavianExalted oneGirl
BrygidaPolishStrong; Exalted OneGirl
BuddhanaSanskritAware; Enlightened OneGirl
BuddhapriyaIndianOne liked by lord BuddhaBoy
BuddhapriyaIndianOne liked by BuddhaBoy
BudiartoIndonesianGood MoneyBoy
BudimanIndonesianThe Wise OneBoy
BudiwatiIndonesianThe Wise OneGirl
ButrusArabianRock; StoneBoy
CairnScottishPiled StonesBoy
CalEnglishLittle bald oneBoy
CalIndianLittle bald oneBoy
CallahanEnglishLittle bright headed oneBoy
CallahanIndianLittle bright headed oneBoy
CalvinaItalianLittle Bald OneGirl
CalvinoItalianLittle Bald OneBoy
CalvinusLatinLittle Bald OneBoy
CaolanScottishLittle Slender OneBoy
CareyEnglishDark one; WomanlyUnisex
CareyIndianDark one; WomanlyUnisex
CariEnglishDark one; WomanlyGirl
CariIndianDark one; WomanlyGirl
CarranEnglishLittle black oneBoy
CarranIndianLittle black oneBoy
CarterEnglishCarter; Someone who uses a cart.Boy
CarterIndianCarter; Someone who uses a cart.Boy
CarverEnglishCarver of wood or stone.Boy
CarverIndianCarver of wood or stone.Boy
CaryEnglishDark oneUnisex
CaryIndianDark oneUnisex
CassielLatinSpeedy one of GodBoy
CearaEnglishLittle black oneGirl
CearaIndianLittle black oneGirl
CearraEnglishLittle black oneGirl
CearraIndianLittle black oneGirl
CefinWelshLittle comely loved oneBoy
CentehuaNahuatlOnly oneGirl
CephasLatinRock; StoneBoy
CetshwayoAfricanThe Slandered OneBoy
ChakradevIndianLord Vishnu; One who carries chakraBoy
ChakradharIndianLord Vishnu; One who carries chakraBoy
Cha'KwainaNative AmericanOne who criesGirl
ChandradharIndianOne Who Wears Moon Lord ShivaBoy
ChandramaniIndianMoonstone; JewelGirl
ChandramaniSanskritMoonstone; JewelGirl
ChandraprakashIndianOne who has moon as a crestBoy
ChandrashekharIndianOne who holds moon in his hair knot (lord Shiva)Boy
ChandrashekharIndianOne who holds moon in his hair knot; Lord ShivaBoy
ChandrashekharIndianOne who holds moon in his hair knotBoy
ChandrashekharIndianOne who holds moon in his hair knot (Shiva)Boy
CharakIndianAn ancient physician; One of the founders of AyurvedaBoy
CharakSanskritAn ancient physician; One of the founders of AyurvedaBoy
CharanjeetIndianOne who has won over the lordBoy
CharanjitIndianOne who has won over the lordBoy
CharanpreetIndianOne who loves lords feetBoy
CharuhasIndianOne with beautiful smileBoy
CharunetraIndianOne with beautiful eyesGirl
CharuvardhanaIndianOne who enhances beautyBoy
ChaturaananIndianOne with four facesBoy
ChaturananIndianOne with four facesBoy
ChaturananIndianOne with four faces; Lord BrahmaBoy
ChaturbhujIndianOne who has four armsBoy
ChaturbhujIndianOne who has four arms; StrongBoy
ChaturvediIndianOne who knows all 4 VedasBoy
ChauntaIndianOne who outshines the starsGirl
CheriseFrenchDear one; Darling; BelovedGirl
Chiasa  (あずみ)JapaneseOne Thousand MorningsGirl
ChickieSpanishLittle OneGirl
ChickySpanishLittle OneGirl
ChidambarIndianOne whose heart is as big as the skyBoy
ChidambarIndianSky like heart; One who has heart as wide as skyBoy
ChidambarSanskritSky like heart; One who has heart as wide as skyBoy
ChidambaramIndianSky like heart; One who has heart as wide as skyBoy
ChidambaramSanskritSky like heart; One who has heart as wide as skyBoy
Chiharu  (千春)JapaneseOne Thousand SpringsGirl
Chin  (下巴)ChineseGold; Metal; Money; Embroidered; BrightUnisex
Chinatsu  (千夏)JapaneseOne Thousand SummersGirl
ChintamaniIndianPhilosopher's stoneBoy
ChintamaniIndianPhilosopher's Stone; Wishing stone (Gem)Boy
ChiranjeeviIndianOne without death; Eternal beingBoy
ChirayuIndianLong lived oneBoy
ChirtrangIndianOne with multicolored bodyBoy
ChisakiJapaneseOne Thousand BlossomGirl
ChitleenIndianOne absorbed in awarenessBoy
ChitraketuIndianOne with a beautiful bannerBoy
ChitraketuIndianOne with beautiful bannerBoy
ChitrangadaIndianOne of Arjuna's wivesGirl
ChitrarathiIndianOne with a bright chariotGirl
ChittaranjanIndianOne who pleases the mind; Joy of inner mindBoy
ChittaranjanIndianOne who pleases the mindBoy

List of Surnames that means 'One'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
AffleckEnglish Hill Stone
AnscomEnglish Stone enclosed valley
AthertonEnglish Noble Stone
AuchinleckScottish Hill Stone
BaitsEnglish One who has house of entertainment
BarberEnglish Barber; One who shaves and dresses hair
BlainEnglish Little Yellow One
BlainGaelic Little Yellow One
CaryEnglish Dark One
CaryIrish Dark One
ChauvinFrench Little bald one
DavinEnglish Little Black One
DavinScottish Little Black One
DellEnglish One who lives in a dell
DonovanIrish Dark Brown One
DustinEnglish Thor's Stone
FinneganIrish Tiny Little White One
GageEnglish Moneylender
GarthEnglish One who lives beside an enclosure
HarcourtEnglish From the falconer's hut
HollisEnglish One who lives near holly trees
IshidaJapan石田Stone Rice Field
IshiiJapan石井Stone Well
IshikawaJapan石川Stone River
LondonEnglish One from London
MaddoxEnglish Little Fortunate; Little Good One
MaddoxWelsh Little Fortunate; Little Good One
MasonEnglish Mason; Stone worker
QuinlanIrish Little Fair Formed One
RowanEnglish Red One
RowanIrish Red One
RussellEnglish Red one
ThurstonEnglish Thor's Stone
WarwickEnglish One who lives by the dam near the dairy farm
WinstonAnglo-Saxon Joy Stone
WinstonEnglish Joy Stone
WoolEnglish One who has short or thick Hair

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