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Meaning:  Sea

List of Names that means 'Sea'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AamaniIndianSpring season (vasanth ritu)Girl
AamaniIndianSpring season; vasanth rituGirl
AamaniIndianSpring season (vasant ritu)Girl
AdetokunboAfricanThe Crown came from the SeaBoy
AhtoFinnishMyth name of a God of Sea; FishingBoy
AidithAnglo-SaxonSeasoned warriorGirl
AilithAnglo-SaxonSeasoned warriorGirl
AmaniIndianSpring season (vasanth ritu)Girl
AmaniIndianSpring season (vasanth ritu); Wishes; AspirationsGirl
AmaniIndianWishes; Aspirations; Spring season (vasanth ritu)Girl
AnweshaIndianQuest; SearchGirl
AnweshaSanskritQuest; SearchGirl
ArnavIndianOcean; SeaBoy
ArnavIndianOcean; Sea; Stream; WaveBoy
ArneshIndianLord of seaBoy
ArneshIndianLord of the seaBoy
ArneshSanskritLord of the seaBoy
BarunIndianLord of the seaBoy
BarunIndianLord of seaBoy
BasantIndianSeason of springBoy
BasantIndianSpring season; Yellow ColoredBoy
BasantIndianSpring seasonBoy
BasantaIndianSpring season; Yellow ColoredBoy
BasantiIndianSpring season; Yellow ColoredGirl
Bohai  (渤海)ChineseElder Brother; SeaBoy
BuchananScottishFrom the Cannon's seatBoy
CalypsoLatinShe who conceals; Myth name of a sea nymphGirl
CetoLatinSea MonsterGirl
ChaitaliIndianA season; Born in the Chaitra monthGirl
ColbertFrenchRenowned SeafarerBoy
DayasagarIndianExtremely kind; Sea of mercy; Ocean of compassionateBoy
DayasagarIndianExtremely kind; Sea of mercyBoy
DayasagarIndianExtremely kind; Sea of mercyBoy
DayasagaraIndianExtremely kind; Sea of mercy; Ocean of compassionateBoy
DeepsharnIndianDeep searchBoy
DelmarEnglishOf the SeaBoy
DelmarFrenchOf the SeaBoy
DelmarIndianOf the SeaBoy
DelmarSpanishOf the SeaGirl
DelmaraSpanishOf the SeaGirl
DelmareFrenchOf the SeaGirl
DelmerFrenchOf the SeaBoy
DelmoreFrenchOf the SeaBoy
DillonEnglishGreat SeaBoy
DillonIndianGreat SeaBoy
DillonWelshGreat seaBoy
DinaScottishSea WarriorGirl
Donghai  (东海)ChineseEastern SeaBoy
DoriaGreekOf the seaGirl
DoriceGreekOf the seaGirl
DorisGreekGoddess of the seaGirl
DoriseGreekOf the seaGirl
DorrisGreekOf the seaGirl
DorriseGreekOf the seaGirl
DylEnglishGreat SeaBoy
DylIndianGreat SeaBoy
DylWelshGreat seaBoy
DylanEnglishGreat SeaBoy
DylanIndianGreat SeaBoy
DylanWelshGreat seaBoy
EgleLithuanianA maiden who married a sea snake; Fir treeGirl
ErvinHungarianFriend of the SeaBoy
EshanaIndianWish; Desire; SearchGirl
EshanaSanskritWish; Desire; SearchGirl
EshaniIndianWish; Desire; SearchGirl
Foka  (Фока)RussianSeal (The Mammal)Boy
GaleEnglishCalm; Tranquil; Sea Storm; Father RejoicesUnisex
GaleIndianCalm; Tranquil; Sea Storm; Father RejoicesUnisex
GaleneLatinCalm SeasGirl
GaylaEnglishFather Rejoices; Sea StormGirl
GaylaIndianFather Rejoices; Sea StormGirl
GayleEnglishFather Rejoices; Sea StormGirl
GayleIndianFather Rejoices; Sea StormGirl
GomerHebrewComplete; Son of Japheth; Wife of the Prophet HoseaBoy
GreeshmaIndianKind of seasonGirl
Hai  ()ChineseSeaUnisex
HaliGreekThe SeaBoy
HarimantiIndianBorn in the season of HemantaGirl
HavelockEnglishSea warBoy
HavelockIndianSea warBoy
HemantIndianEarly winter; Most beautiful season of the yearBoy
IlanthirayanIndianOne whose influence extends beyond the seasBoy
IlanthirayanIndianYoung man whose influence extends beyond the seasBoy
IrvinScottishSea FriendBoy
JigneshIndianCuriosity to research; Intellectual curiosityBoy
JigneshIndianCuriosity to researchBoy
JinhaiChineseGolden SeaBoy
KaikalaHawaiianThe Sea and the SunGirl
KailaniHawaiianSea and SkyGirl
KaiolohiaHawaiianCalm SeaGirl
KalindaSanskritThe seaGirl
KarunaanidhiIndianSea of compassionBoy
KusumakarIndianGarden; Spring SeasonBoy
LamarFrenchOf the SeaBoy
LamarrFrenchOf the SeaBoy
LanikaiHawaiianHeavenly SeaGirl
MaliaNative AmericanBitter; Sea of BitternessGirl
MaliaSpanishBitter; Sea of BitternessGirl
MalitaSpanishBitter; Sea of BitternessGirl
Manya  (Маня)RussianBitter; Sea of bitternessGirl
MarcLatinDefense; Of the SeaBoy
MarcellaLatinDefense; Of the SeaGirl
MarcellinusLatinDefense; Of the SeaBoy
MarcellusLatinDefense; Of the SeaBoy
MarcelynEnglishWar like; Defense; Of the SeaGirl
MarcelynIndianWar like; Defense; Of the SeaGirl
MarciEnglishWar like; Defense; Of the SeaGirl
MarciIndianWar like; Defense; Of the SeaGirl
MarciLatinDefense; Of the SeaGirl
MarciaEnglishWar like; Defense; Of the SeaGirl
MarciaIndianWar like; Defense; Of the SeaGirl
MarciaLatinDefense; Of the SeaGirl
MarcieEnglishWar like; Defense; Of the SeaGirl
MarcieIndianWar like; Defense; Of the SeaGirl
MarciusLatinDefense; Of the SeaBoy
MarcsaHungarianSea of BitternessGirl
MarcusLatinDefense; Of the SeaBoy
MarcyEnglishWar like; Defense; Of the SeaGirl
MarcyIndianWar like; Defense; Of the SeaGirl
MareaItalianBitter; Sea of BitternessGirl
MareduddWelshSea day; Sea sun; Sea lordBoy
MarenDanishFrom the SeaGirl
MarenHebrewBitter; Sea of BitternessGirl
MariaHebrewBitter; Sea of BitternessGirl
MariaItalianBitter; Sea of BitternessGirl
MariaSpanishBitter; Sea of BitternessGirl
MariamArabianBitter or Sea of BitternessGirl
MarianaItalianBitter; Sea of BitternessGirl
MarianoSpanishBitter; Sea of BitternessBoy
MarieHebrewBitter; Sea of BitternessGirl
MariettaItalianBitter; Sea of BitternessGirl
MariettaSpanishBitter; Sea of BitternessGirl
MarietteHebrewBitter; Sea of BitternessGirl
MarijnDutchFrom the SeaBoy
MarikaCzech & SlovakBitter; Sea of BitternessGirl
MarikaHebrewBitter; Sea of BitternessGirl
MarilyHebrewBitter; Sea of BitternessGirl
MarinFrenchOf the SeaBoy
MarinaEnglishOf the SeaGirl
Marina  (Μαρινα)GreekSea MaidenGirl
MarinaIndianOf the SeaGirl
MarinaLatinOf the seaGirl
Marina  (Марина)RussianSea MaidenGirl
MarinaSpanishSea MaidenGirl
MarineFrenchOf the SeaGirl
MarinellaItalianOf the SeaGirl
MarinoItalianOf the Sea; SailorBoy
Marinos  (Μαρίνος)GreekOf the sea; SailorBoy
MarinusLatinOf the seaBoy
MarioItalianMale; Virile; Of the Sea; SailorBoy
MarionHebrewBitter; Sea of BitternessGirl
MariquitaSpanishBitter; Sea of BitternessGirl
MarisEnglishOf the SeaGirl
MarisGreekOf the seaGirl
MarisIndianOf the SeaGirl
MarisLatinOf the seaBoy
MarisaEnglishOf the SeaGirl
MarisaIndianOf the SeaGirl
MarisaSpanishOf the SeaGirl
MariseEnglishOf the SeaGirl
MariseIndianOf the SeaGirl
MariselaEnglishOf the SeaGirl
MariselaIndianOf the SeaGirl
MarishaHebrewBitter; Sea of BitternessGirl
MarishaIndianOf the seaGirl
Marisha  (Мариша)RussianBitter; Sea of bitternessGirl
MariskaHebrewBitter; Sea of BitternessGirl
MarisolSpanishSunny SeaGirl
MarissaEnglishOf the SeaGirl
MarissaIndianOf the SeaGirl
MaritzaGermanOf the seaGirl
Mariya  (Мария)RussianBitter; Sea of bitternessGirl
MarjaHungarianSea of BitternessGirl
MarjaPolishSea of BitternessGirl
MarjannaPolishSea of BitternessGirl
MarkoEnglishWar like; Defense; Of the SeaBoy
MarkoIndianWar like; Defense; Of the SeaBoy
MarkusEnglishWar like; Defense; Of the SeaBoy
MarkusIndianWar like; Defense; Of the SeaBoy
MarlenEnglishWarrior; One of the SeaBoy
MarlenIndianWarrior; One of the SeaBoy
MarlinEnglishSea FortBoy
MarlinIndianSea FortBoy
MarlonEnglishWarrior; One of the SeaBoy
MarlonIndianWarrior; One of the SeaBoy
MarniEnglishOf the SeaGirl
MarniIndianOf the SeaGirl
MarnieEnglishOf the SeaGirl
MarnieIndianOf the SeaGirl
MarshaEnglishWar like; Defense; Of the SeaGirl
MarshaIndianWar like; Defense; Of the SeaGirl
MarshanEnglishDefense; Of the Sea; Favor; GraceGirl
MarshanIndianDefense; Of the Sea; Favor; GraceGirl
MaryBiblicalSea of BitternessGirl
MaryHebrewSea of BitternessGirl
MaryaPolishSea of BitternessGirl
MaryannHebrewSea of BitternessGirl
MaryannaHebrewSea of BitternessGirl
MarybellHebrewSea of BitternessGirl
MaryjoHebrewSea of BitternessGirl
MaryluHebrewSea of BitternessGirl
Masha  (Маша)RussianBitter; Sea of bitternessGirl
MawrthWelshRoman god of mars; SeaBoy
MeltemTurkishSea WindGirl
MeredithEnglishSea Lord; Sea SunUnisex
MeredithIndianSea Lord; Sea SunUnisex
MeredyddWelshSea day; Sea sun; Sea lordBoy
MereridWelshSea day; Sea SunGirl
MeriFinnishThe SeaGirl
MerianusLatinOf the seaBoy
MeridethEnglishSea Lord; Sea SunUnisex
MeridethIndianSea Lord; Sea SunUnisex
MerielEnglishSea brightGirl
MerielIndianSea brightGirl
MerinusLatinOf the seaBoy
MerlinEnglishSea FortBoy
MerlinIndianSea Fort; Small FalconBoy
MerlinusLatinSea FortBoy
MerlynEnglishSea FortUnisex
MerlynIndianSea Fort; Small FalconUnisex
MerrillEnglishSea brightUnisex
MerrillIndianSea brightUnisex
MerylEnglishSea brightUnisex
MerylIndianSea brightUnisex
MeryleEnglishSea brightGirl
MeryleIndianSea brightGirl
Mindel  (מינדעל)YiddishSea of BitternessGirl
MiriamBiblicalSea of BitternessGirl
MorayScottishSea WarriorBoy
MordredEnglishSea CounselBoy
MordredIndianSea CounselBoy
MorgaineFrenchSea CircleUnisex
MorganEnglishSea CircleUnisex
MorganFrenchSea CircleUnisex
MorganIndianSea CircleUnisex
MorganScottishSea WarriorBoy
MorganWelshSea circleBoy
MorganaEnglishSea CircleGirl
MorganaIndianSea CircleGirl
MorganaWelshSea circleGirl
MorganeEnglishSea CircleGirl
MorganeFrenchSea CircleGirl
MorganeIndianSea CircleGirl
MorgenEnglishSea CircleUnisex
MorgenIndianSea CircleUnisex
MorgenWelshSea circleBoy
MoriartyEnglishSkilled SeamanBoy
MoriartyIndianSkilled SeamanBoy
MoroghScottishMan of the SeaBoy
MorrisseyEnglishSea TabooBoy
MorrisseyIndianSea TabooBoy
MortimerEnglishMariner; SeamanBoy
MortimerIndianMariner; SeamanBoy
MuireachScottishSea WarriorBoy
MuireadhachScottishSea WarriorBoy
MuireallScottishSea BrightGirl
MuiriolScottishSea BrightGirl
MurchadhScottishSea WarriorBoy
MurdagScottishSea WarriorGirl
MurdanieEnglishSea warriorBoy
MurdanieIndianSea warriorBoy
MurdannScottishSea WarriorGirl
MurdieEnglishSea warriorBoy
MurdieIndianSea warriorBoy
MurdinaScottishSea WarriorGirl
MurdoEnglishSea warriorBoy
MurdoIndianSea warriorBoy
MurdochEnglishSea warriorBoy
MurdochIndianSea warriorBoy
MurdockEnglishSea warriorBoy
MurdockIndianSea warriorBoy
MurdyEnglishSea warriorBoy
MurdyIndianSea warriorBoy
MurielEnglishSea brightGirl
MurielIndianSea brightGirl
MurphyEnglishSea WarriorUnisex
MurphyIndianSea WarriorUnisex
MurrayEnglishSea warriorBoy
MurrayIndianSea warriorBoy
MurrayScottishLord of the seaBoy
MurronScottishSea FairGirl
MurtaghEnglishSkilled SeamanBoy
MurtaghIndianSkilled SeamanBoy
MurtyEnglishSea warriorBoy
MurtyIndianSea warriorBoy
MyrddinWelshSea fortBoy
Nanami  (七海)JapaneseSeven SeasGirl
NashaAfricanBorn During Rainy SeasonGirl
NawfalIndianGenerous; Old Arabic name for the seaBoy
NeptuneLatinGod of horses and the seaBoy
NereidaLatinNymph; Sea SpriteGirl
NeridaLatinNymph; Sea SpriteGirl
NerineEnglishDaughter of Nereus; Sea SpriteGirl
NerineIndianDaughter of Nereus; Sea SpriteGirl
NerissaEnglishNymph; Sea spriteGirl
NerissaGreekSea NymphGirl
NerissaIndianExpectant; Nymph; Sea spriteGirl
OceanEnglishOcean; Sea; VastUnisex
OceanIndianOcean; Sea; VastUnisex
ParanjayIndianLord of the seaBoy
ParanjayIndianVarun; Lord of the seaBoy
ParanjayIndianVarun; Lord of seaBoy
PelaPolishThe SeaGirl
Pelageya  (Пелагея)RussianThe SeaGirl
Pelagia  (Πελαγια)GreekThe SeaGirl
PelagiaLatinThe SeaGirl
PelagiosGreekThe SeaBoy
PelagiusLatinThe SeaBoy
PhocasLatinSeal (the mammal)Boy
Phokas  (Φωκά)GreekSeal (the mammal)Boy
PhorcysLatinOf the seaBoy
PontiusLatinOf the sea; SeamanBoy
PouyaIndianSearch; SearcherBoy
PouyaIranian (Persian)To Search; SearcherBoy
PushpakarIndianSpring season (vasant); Flower seasonBoy
PushpakarIndianSpring season; Vasant; Flowering seasonBoy
QillaqNative AmericanSeal HideBoy
RatnakarIndianMine of jewels; SeaBoy
RatnakarIndianMine of jewels; Sea; OceanBoy
RinaEnglishOf the Sea; Pure; JoyGirl
RinaIndianOf the Sea; Pure; JoyGirl
RinaLatinOf the seaGirl
RiteshIndianLord of seasons; Lord of truthBoy
RiteshSanskritLord of seasons; Lord of truthBoy
RitujeetIndianConqueror of seasonsBoy
RituparnaIndianLeafy seasonGirl
RituraajIndianKing of seasonsBoy
RiturajIndianKing of the seasonsBoy
RiturajIndianKing of seasons; SpringBoy
RosemaryEnglishDew of the Sea; Rose of graceGirl
RosemaryIndianDew of the Sea; Rose of graceGirl
RuteshIndianKind of seasonsBoy
RuteshIndianKind of seasonBoy
RutujaIndianRelated with seasonGirl
RutujitIndianConqueror of seasonsBoy
Sadaf  (صدف)ArabianSeashellGirl
SadafIndianSea Shell; OysterGirl
SadafIranian (Persian)Sea ShellGirl
SadraIranian (Persian)Chief Seat; JudgeBoy
SadriIranian (Persian)Chief Seat; JudgeBoy
SagarIndianSea; OceanBoy
SewardEnglishSea GuardBoy
SewardIndianSea GuardBoy
SharatIndianA SeasonBoy
SharatchandraIndianMoon in Sharad season; Moon in AutumnBoy
ShawnIndianAmerican spelling of seanBoy
ShishirIndianWinter; Name of a season; ColdBoy
ShishirIndianName of a season; ColdBoy
ShishirIndianName of a season; Cold; winterBoy
SiwardEnglishSea GuardBoy
SiwardIndianSea GuardBoy
SiweardAnglo-SaxonSea GuardBoy
SummerEnglishSummer; The hot season of the yearUnisex
SummerIndianSummer; The hot season of the yearUnisex
TehutiEgyptianHe who Balances; God of Earth; Sky; Air and SeaBoy
UtsaIndianSpring SeasonGirl
VaisakaIndianA SeasonBoy
ValdeteAlbanianSea waveBoy
VariIndianWater; SeaGirl
VariIndianWater; Sea; Goddess SaraswatiGirl
VariIndianGoddess Saraswati; Water; SeaGirl
VarunIndianWind; Lord of water; Air; Lord of Sea; NeptuneBoy
VarunaIndianWife of the lord of the sea; Name of a riverGirl
VasantIndianVasanspring (season)Boy
VasantIndianSpring seasonBoy
VasantIndianSeason; Spring; YellowBoy
VasantiIndianSeason; Spring; YellowGirl
VellamoFinnishGoddess of the SeaGirl
WellamoFinnishGoddess of the SeaGirl

List of Surnames that means 'Sea'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
HavelockEnglish Sea war
MerrillEnglish Sea bright
MoriartyEnglish Skilled seaman
MoriartyIrish Skilled seaman
MorrisseyEnglish Sea Taboo
MorrisseyIrish Sea Taboo
MortemerNorman Dead Sea; Stagnant marsh
MortimerEnglish Dead Sea; Stagnant marsh
MurdockEnglish Sea warrior
MurdockScottish Sea warrior
MurphyIrish Descendant of Murchadh; Sea warrior
MurrayEnglish Sea warrior
MurrayScottish Sea warrior
SewardEnglish Sea Guard
SheridanIrish Searcher