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Name that means

Meaning:  Stream

List of Names that means 'Stream'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
ArnavIndianOcean; Sea; Stream; WaveBoy
AyselTurkishMoon Stream; Like the MoonGirl
BeverleyEnglishBeaver Stream; Shining OnesBoy
BeverleyIndianBeaver Stream; Shining OnesBoy
BeverlyEnglishBeaver Stream; Shining OnesGirl
BeverlyIndianBeaver Stream; Shining OnesGirl
BradburnEnglishBroad StreamBoy
BradburnIndianBroad StreamBoy
BrookEnglishBrook; StreamUnisex
BrookIndianBrook; StreamUnisex
BrookeEnglishBrook; StreamUnisex
BrookeIndianBrook; StreamUnisex
CalderEnglishViolent stream of waterBoy
CalderIndianViolent stream of waterBoy
CromwellScottishFrom the crooked winding streamBoy
DougEnglishBlack StreamBoy
DougIndianBlack StreamBoy
DougScottishDark Stream; Dark RiverBoy
DougieEnglishBlack StreamBoy
DougieIndianBlack StreamBoy
DougieScottishBlack stream; Dark riverBoy
DouglasEnglishBlack StreamBoy
DouglasIndianBlack StreamBoy
DouglasScottishBlack stream; Dark riverBoy
DouglassScottishDark Stream; Dark RiverBoy
DubhghlasScottishBlack stream; Dark riverBoy
DubhglasScottishDark Stream; Dark RiverBoy
Ghadir  (غدير)ArabianStreamGirl
GhadirIndianStream; A slave of Musa al HadiGirl
HachiNative AmericanStreamGirl
Jafar  (جعفر)ArabianStreamBoy
JafarIndianRiver; StreamBoy
JharnaIndianSpring; Stream (stream of water)Girl
JharnaIndianSpring (water spring); StreamGirl
JharnaIndianA StreamGirl
JubalEnglishRiver; StreamBoy
JubalIndianRiver; StreamBoy
MaayanHebrewSpring of water; Small streamUnisex
MalilaNative AmericanSalmon swimming up fast a rippling streamGirl
MaxeneEnglishGreatest; Stream of mackGirl
MaxeneIndianGreatest; Stream of mackGirl
MaxineEnglishGreatest; Stream of mackGirl
MaxineIndianGreatest; Stream of mackGirl
MaxwellEnglishThe stream of mackBoy
MaxwellIndianThe stream of mackBoy
MelbaEnglishMill streamGirl
MelbaIndianMill streamGirl
MelbourneEnglishMill and burne streamBoy
MelbourneIndianMill and burne streamBoy
MilburnEnglishMill streamBoy
MilburnIndianMill streamBoy
NahalHebrewStream; RiverGirl
RioEnglishBrook; StreamUnisex
RioIndianBrook; StreamUnisex
RithikIndianBrass; Of a StreamBoy
RithikaIndianBrass; Of a streamGirl
RithikaIndianOf a streamGirl
StruanaScottishFrom the streamGirl

List of Surnames that means 'Stream'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
AberdeenEnglish The mouth of a river; Marshy ground; Place where streams meets
ArbuthnotEnglish The mouth of a river; Marshy ground; Place where streams meets
BeverlyEnglish Beaver stream
BradburnEnglish Broad Stream
BrookEnglish Brook; Stream
DouglasEnglish Black stream
DouglasScottish Black stream
MaxwellScottish The stream of mack
MelbourneEnglish Mill Stream
MilburnEnglish Mill Stream
WimpleDutch Pendant; Streamer