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 Names meaning 'Spear'

Name that means

Meaning:  Spear

List of Names that means 'Spear'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AdairEnglishRich spearBoy
AdairIndianRich spearBoy
AdaireEnglishRich spearBoy
AdaireIndianRich spearBoy
AdalgarGermanNoble SpearmanBoy
AdareEnglishThe ford of the oaks; Rich spearBoy
AdareIndianThe ford of the oaks; Rich spearBoy
AlgarEnglishElf spearBoy
AlgarIndianElf spearBoy
AlgerEnglishElf spearBoy
AlgerGermanNoble SpearmanBoy
AlgerIndianElf spearBoy
AllgarEnglishElf spearBoy
AllgarIndianElf spearBoy
AllgerEnglishElf spearBoy
AllgerIndianElf spearBoy
AnsgarGermanSpear of GodBoy
AnsgarNorwegianSpear of godBoy
AnsgarScandinavianGod spearBoy
ArngeirNorseEagle spearBoy
AsgerDanishSpear of GodBoy
BerengarSpanishBear SpearBoy
BerengariEnglishBear SpearGirl
BerengariIndianBear SpearGirl
BerengariLatinBear spearGirl
BerengariaEnglishBear SpearGirl
BerengariaIndianBear SpearGirl
BerengariaLatinBear spearGirl
BerengariusLatinBear spearBoy
BerengerEnglishBear SpearBoy
BerengerIndianBear SpearBoy
BerengirEnglishBear SpearBoy
BerengirIndianBear SpearBoy
BerengriaSpanishBear SpearGirl
BerenirPortugueseBear SpearBoy
BeringarGermanBear SpearBoy
BeringarTeutonicBear spearBoy
BeringariusLatinBear spearBoy
CainFrenchLance; SpearBoy
DodgeEnglishFamous SpearBoy
DodgeIndianFamous SpearBoy
EadgarAnglo-SaxonRich SpearBoy
EadgardAnglo-SaxonRich SpearBoy
EdgarEnglishRich spearBoy
EdgarIndianRich spearBoy
EdgardFrenchLucky Spearman; Rich SpearBoy
EdgardoSpanishLucky SpearmanBoy
ElgarEnglishElf spearBoy
ElgarIndianElf spearBoy
ElgerEnglishElf spearBoy
ElgerIndianElf spearBoy
EllgarEnglishElf spearBoy
EllgarIndianElf spearBoy
EllgerEnglishElf spearBoy
EllgerIndianElf spearBoy
GairovaldGermanSpear RulerBoy
GairovaldTeutonicSpear rulerBoy
GarciaSpanishMighty with a spearBoy
GarenFrenchMighty with a spearBoy
GarenGermanMighty with a spearBoy
GareyGermanMighty with a spearBoy
GarinFrenchMighty with a spearBoy
GarinGermanMighty with a spearBoy
GarionFrenchMighty with a spearBoy
GarionGermanMighty with a spearBoy
GaronFrenchMighty with a spearBoy
GaronGermanMighty with a spearBoy
GarrenFrenchMighty with a spearBoy
GarrenGermanMighty with a spearBoy
GarretEnglishSpear RulerBoy
GarretIndianSpear RulerBoy
GarrettEnglishSpear RulerBoy
GarrettIndianSpear RulerBoy
GarreyGermanMighty with a spearBoy
GarrickAnglo-SaxonSpear powerBoy
GarrickGermanSpear RulerBoy
GarrinFrenchMighty with a spearBoy
GarrinGermanMighty with a spearBoy
GarrisonGermanSpear fortified townBoy
GarronFrenchMighty with a spearBoy
GarronGermanMighty with a spearBoy
GarryGermanMighty with a spearBoy
GarsonGermanSpear fortified townBoy
GaryGermanMighty with a spearBoy
GedEnglishSpear Strong; BraveBoy
GedIndianSpear Strong; BraveBoy
GeeraardDutchSpear BraveBoy
GeerdDutchSpear BraveBoy
GeertDutchSpear BraveBoy
GeertjeDutchSpear StrengthGirl
GeertruidaDutchSpear StrengthGirl
GellerHungarianBrave with a SpearBoy
GellertHungarianSpear BraveBoy
GeltrudeItalianSpear StrengthGirl
GeraldEnglishSpear RulerBoy
GeraldFrenchMighty with a spearBoy
GeraldGermanMighty with a spearBoy
GeraldIndianSpear RulerBoy
GeraldinaGermanMighty with a spearGirl
GeraldineEnglishSpear RulerGirl
GeraldineGermanMighty with a spearGirl
GeraldineIndianSpear RulerGirl
GeraldoSpanishSpear ruler; Brave with a spearBoy
GeraldusLatinSpear RulerBoy
GeralltWelshSpear rulerBoy
GeralynGermanRules with a spearGirl
GeralynnGermanRules with a spearGirl
GerardEnglishSpear Strong; BraveBoy
GerardFrenchBrave with a spearBoy
GerardGermanBrave with a spearBoy
GerardIndianSpear Strong; BraveBoy
GerardoItalianBrave with a Spear; WarriorBoy
GerardoSpanishSpear ruler; Brave with a spearBoy
GeraudFrenchSpear rulerBoy
GerdGermanSpear BraveBoy
GerdNorseSpear braveGirl
GereGermanRules with a spearBoy
GerekPolishRuler with a SpearBoy
GerfriedGermanSpear PeaceBoy
GerhardGermanSpear BraveBoy
GerhardinaGermanBrave with a spearGirl
GerhardineGermanBrave with a spearGirl
GerhardtGermanSpear BraveBoy
GerhartGermanSpear BraveBoy
GerholdGermanSpear RulerBoy
GerikPolishRuler with a SpearBoy
GerlachGermanSpear ThrowerBoy
GernotGermanSpear BraveBoy
GeroldGermanMighty with a spearBoy
GeroltDutchSpear RulerBoy
GeronFrenchMighty with a spearBoy
GeronGermanMighty with a spearBoy
GerraldGermanMighty with a spearBoy
GerrardEnglishSpear Strong; BraveBoy
GerrardFrenchBrave with a spearBoy
GerrardGermanBrave with a spearBoy
GerrardIndianSpear Strong; BraveBoy
GerrellGermanMighty with a spearBoy
GerritGermanSpear BraveBoy
GerryEnglishSpear RulerUnisex
GerryIndianSpear RulerUnisex
GertGermanSpear BraveBoy
GertieEnglishSpear StrengthGirl
GertieGermanSpear StrengthGirl
GertieIndianSpear StrengthGirl
GertraudGermanSpear StrengthGirl
GertredGermanSpear StrengthGirl
GertridGermanSpear StrengthGirl
GertrudHungarianSpear StrengthGirl
GertrudaPolishSpear StrengthGirl
GertrudeEnglishSpear StrengthGirl
GertrudeIndianSpear StrengthGirl
GertrudesPortugueseSpear strengthGirl
GertrudesSpanishBeloved warrior; Spear strengthGirl
GertrudisSpanishBeloved warrior; Spear strengthGirl
GertruidaDutchSpear StrengthGirl
GervaasDutchSpear ServantBoy
GervaisFrenchSpear servantBoy
GervaiseFrenchSpear servantBoy
GervasGermanSpear ServantBoy
GervasTeutonicSpear servantBoy
GervaseEnglishSpear ServantBoy
GervaseIndianSpear ServantBoy
GervasiRussianSpear ServantBoy
GervasioItalianSpear ServantBoy
GervasioPortugueseSpear servantBoy
GervasiusLatinSpear ServantBoy
GerwaltGermanMighty with a spearGirl
GerwaltaGermanMighty with a spearGirl
GerwazyPolishSpear Servant; HonorableBoy
GerwulfGermanSpear WolfBoy
GherardoItalianBrave with a SpearBoy
GiraldoItalianSpear RulerBoy
HeilgarGermanHearty SpearBoy
HeilgarTeutonicHearty spearBoy
HodgeEnglishFamous SpearBoy
HodgeIndianFamous SpearBoy
HolgerNorseSpear IslandBoy
HolgerNorwegianIsland spearBoy
HolmgeirNorseSpear IslandBoy
HolmgeirrNorseSpear IslandBoy
HolmgerNorseSpear IslandBoy
HrothgarAnglo-SaxonFamous spearBoy
JantisGermanSharp SpearBoy
JarredEnglishSpear BraveBoy
JarredIndianSpear BraveBoy
JarrettEnglishSpear StrongBoy
JarrettIndianSpear StrongBoy
JarvisEnglishSpear ServantBoy
JarvisIndianSpear ServantBoy
JeraldEnglishSpear RulerBoy
JeraldIndianSpear RulerBoy
JeraldoSpanishMighty with a spearBoy
JerardFrenchMighty with a spearBoy
JerardoSpanishMighty with a spearBoy
JeriEnglishSpear RulerGirl
JeriIndianSpear RulerGirl
JeroldEnglishSpear RulerBoy
JeroldIndianSpear RulerBoy
JeroldSpanishRules by the spearBoy
JerraldSpanishRules by the spearBoy
JerrardEnglishSpear Strong; Spear BraveBoy
JerrardIndianSpear Strong; Spear BraveBoy
JerriEnglishSpear RulerUnisex
JerriIndianSpear rulerUnisex
JerrieEnglishSpear RulerUnisex
JerrieIndianSpear rulerUnisex
JerroldEnglishSpear RulerBoy
JerroldIndianSpear rulerBoy
JerroldSpanishRules by the spearBoy
JerryEnglishSpear RulerUnisex
JerryIndianSpear rulerUnisex
JervisEnglishSpear ServantBoy
JervisIndianSpear ServantBoy
KosumiNative AmericanSpear Fisher; Salmon HunterBoy
LegerFrenchPeople SpearBoy
LudgerDutchPeople SpearBoy
LudgerGermanPeople SpearBoy
LuitgerGermanPeople SpearBoy
MajorEnglishWork spearBoy
MajorIndianWork spearBoy
MaugerFrenchCouncil spearBoy
MaugierFrenchCouncil spearBoy
OlegarioSpanishHearty SpearBoy
OrdalfGermanElfin SpearGirl
OrdellaGermanElfin SpearGirl
OscarEnglishDevine SpearBoy
OscarIndianDevine SpearBoy
OskariFinnishA divine spearman; Deer loverBoy
OszkarHungarianDeer Lover; God's SpearBoy
QayinHebrewLance; SpearBoy
RodgeEnglishFamous SpearBoy
RodgeIndianFamous SpearBoy
RodgerEnglishFamous SpearBoy
RodgerIndianFamous SpearBoy
RodneyEnglishFamous SpearBoy
RodneyIndianFamous SpearBoy
RogerEnglishFamous SpearBoy
RogerFrenchFamous SpearBoy
RogerIndianFamous SpearBoy
RogerioSpanishFamous SpearBoy
RogeriusLatinFamous spearBoy
RogeroItalianFamous with a SpearBoy
RogierDutchFamous SpearBoy
RotgerGermanFamous SpearBoy
RudigerGermanFamous SpearBoy
RuggeroItalianFamous Warrior; Famous with a SpearBoy
RuggieroItalianFamous Warrior; Famous with a SpearBoy
RutgerDutchFamous Spear; SpearmanBoy
RutgerGermanFamous SpearmanBoy
ThuanthongThaiGolden SpearBoy
TrudiEnglishSpear StrengthGirl
TrudiIndianSpear StrengthGirl
TrudieEnglishSpear StrengthGirl
TrudieIndianSpear StrengthGirl
TrudyEnglishSpear StrengthGirl
TrudyIndianSpear StrengthGirl
TruusDutchSpear StrengthGirl
ZhubinIranian (Persian)SpearBoy
ZubinIranian (Persian)SpearBoy

List of Surnames that means 'Spear'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
GarrettIrish Spear Ruler
GaryEnglish Spear
JarvisEnglish Spear Servant
MajorEnglish Work Spear

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