indian baby names
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Name that means

Meaning:  Spotted

List of Names that means 'Spotted'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AbrashIndianSpotted; SpeckledBoy
AklamashIndianSpotless; PureBoy
BriceEnglishPied; Spotted; SpeckledBoy
BriceIndianPied; Spotted; SpeckledBoy
BriciusLatinPied; Spotted; SpeckledBoy
BrictiusLatinPied; Spotted; SpeckledBoy
BryceEnglishPied; Spotted; SpeckledBoy
BryceIndianPied; Spotted; SpeckledBoy
BrychanWelshPied; Spotted; Speckled; Red and whiteBoy
SarangIndianSpotted deer; Moon; Sun; Lord KrishnaBoy
SarangIndianSpotted deerBoy
SarangIndianMusical instrument; Sun God; Jewel; Spotted deerBoy
SarangiIndianA spotted deo; A raginiGirl
SarangiIndianSpotted Deo; A raginiGirl
TilakIndianSpot of Vermillion; Sandal wood paste on foreheadBoy