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Meaning:  Strength

List of Names that means 'Strength'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AbelardusLatinNoble StrengthBoy
AdalardGermanNoble Strength; BraveBoy
AdalhardTeutonicNoble strengthBoy
AdelardFrenchNoble strengthBoy
AdelardTeutonicNoble strengthBoy
AdelhardGermanNoble StrengthBoy
AelfthrythAnglo-SaxonElf strengthGirl
AethelhardAnglo-SaxonNoble strengthBoy
AethelthrythAnglo-SaxonNoble strengthGirl
AillardEnglishNoble strengthBoy
AillardIndianNoble strengthBoy
AkiraIndianGraceful strengthGirl
Al Qawiyy (القوى)IndianThe Possessor of All Strength
AlardGermanNoble StrengthBoy
AlardTeutonicNoble strengthBoy
Alkaios  (Αλκαίος)GreekStrengthBoy
AllardEnglishNoble strengthBoy
AllardGermanNoble StrengthBoy
AllardIndianNoble strengthBoy
AonghasScottishStrength; One ChoiceBoy
AonghusScottishStrength; One ChoiceUnisex
AudieEnglishNoble strengthGirl
AudieIndianNoble strengthGirl
AudraEnglishNoble strength; StormGirl
AudraFrenchNoble strengthGirl
AudraIndianNoble strength; StormGirl
AudreaEnglishNoble strength; StormGirl
AudreaIndianNoble strength; StormGirl
AudreeFrenchNoble strengthGirl
AudreyEnglishNoble strength; StormGirl
AudreyIndianNoble strength; StormGirl
AzaziahHebrewStrength of YahwehBoy
BahubaliIndianOne who has strength in his arms; Brother of lord BharatBoy
BajrangbaliIndianStrength of diamondBoy
BajrangbaliIndianWith strength of diamodBoy
BajrangbaliIndianWith strength of diamondBoy
BalanathIndianLord of strengthBoy
BalbeerIndianImmense Strength; PowerfulBoy
BalbirIndianStrong; Full of strengthBoy
BaliIndianThe lord of strengthBoy
BaliIndianBrave; Lord of strengthBoy
BalvantIndianImmense StrengthBoy
BalvantIndianOf immense strengthBoy
BalvantIndianImmense Strength; PowerfulBoy
BalveerIndianImmense Strength; PowerfulBoy
BalvindraIndianImmense Strength; PowerfulBoy
BalwantIndianImmense Strength; PowerfulBoy
BatnasiddhikaraIndianGranter of strengthBoy
BhalendraIndianLord of light; Lord of strengthBoy
BhalenduIndianLord of light; Lord of strengthBoy
BhrithiIndianStrengthened; Nourished; CherishedGirl
BreanaEnglishHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BreanaIndianHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BreannEnglishHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BreannIndianHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BreannaEnglishHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BreannaIndianHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BreanneEnglishHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BreanneIndianHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BreeEnglishForce; StrengthGirl
BreeIndianForce; StrengthGirl
BrianEnglishHigh hill; Force; StrengthBoy
BrianIndianHigh hill; Force; StrengthBoy
BrianaEnglishHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BrianaIndianHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BriannaEnglishHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BriannaIndianHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BrianneEnglishHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BrianneIndianHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BriceFrenchStrength; SpeckledBoy
BriceScottishStrength; ValorBoy
BrionEnglishForce; StrengthBoy
BrionIndianForce; StrengthBoy
BrycetonScottishTown of strengthBoy
BryonEnglishHigh hill; Force; StrengthBoy
BryonIndianHigh hill; Force; StrengthBoy
BrystonScottishTown of strengthBoy
Chaskel  (טשאַסקעל)YiddishGod will StrengthenBoy
Chatzkel  (חַצְקֶעל)YiddishGod will StrengthenBoy
ChibuikeAfricanGod is StrengthUnisex
ChizkiyahHebrewMy Strength is JehovahBoy
ChizqiyahHebrewMy Strength is JehovahBoy
CleisthenesLatinGlorious StrengthBoy
ComfortEnglishComfort; Help; StrengthenGirl
ComfortIndianComfort; Help; StrengthenGirl
CorneliusEnglishChief; Freeman; Head; Hound; Intelligence; StrengthBoy
CorneliusIndianChief; Freeman; Head; Hound; Intelligence; StrengthBoy
DeeherIndianLord Shiva's strengthGirl
DeeherIndianShiva's strengthGirl
DeeherIndianOf Goddess Durga and lord Shiva's strengthGirl
Demosthenes  (Δημοσθένης)GreekStrength of the peopleBoy
Dimosthenis  (Δημοσθενης)GreekStrength of the peopleBoy
DredaEnglishNoble strengthGirl
DredaIndianNoble strengthGirl
EdiltrudisEnglishNoble strengthGirl
EdiltrudisIndianNoble strengthGirl
ElfiGermanElf StrengthGirl
ElfredaEnglishElfin strengthGirl
ElfredaIndianElfin strengthGirl
ElfridaEnglishElfin strengthGirl
ElfridaIndianElfin strengthGirl
ElfriedaEnglishElfin strengthGirl
ElfriedaIndianElfin strengthGirl
ElfriedeGermanElf StrengthGirl
EsequielSpanishGod StrengthensBoy
EthanHebrewStrength; Long LivedBoy
EtheldredaEnglishNoble strengthGirl
EtheldredaIndianNoble strengthGirl
EthelhardEnglishNoble strengthBoy
EthelhardIndianNoble strengthBoy
EyalHebrewMight; StrengthBoy
EzechielHebrewStrength of GodBoy
EzekielBiblicalStrength of GodBoy
EzekielEnglishGod will strengthenBoy
EzekielHebrewStrength of GodBoy
EzekielIndianGod will strengthenBoy
EzequielPortugueseGod will strengthenBoy
EzequielSpanishStrength of GodBoy
FredaEnglishElf strengthGirl
FredaIndianElf strengthGirl
FridaHungarianElf StrengthGirl
FriedaEnglishElf strengthGirl
FriedaIndianElf strengthGirl
FriedholdGermanPeace StrengthBoy
GabeHebrewGod is my StrengthBoy
GabiGermanGod is my strengthGirl
GabinoSpanishGod is my strengthBoy
GaborHebrewGod is my StrengthBoy
GabrianHebrewGod is my StrengthBoy
GabrielBiblicalGod is my StrengthBoy
GabrielHebrewGod is my StrengthBoy
GabrielSpanishGod is my strengthBoy
GabrielaHebrewGod is my StrengthGirl
GabrieleGermanGod is my strengthGirl
GabrieleHebrewGod is my StrengthGirl
GabriellaHebrewGod is my StrengthGirl
GabrielleFrenchGod is my strengthGirl
GabrielleHebrewGod is my StrengthGirl
GabrieloHebrewGod is my StrengthBoy
GabrioSpanishGod is my strengthBoy
GajabahuIndianWho has strength of an elephantBoy
GajabahuSanskritWho has strength of an elephantBoy
GajbaahuIndianOne who has strength of an elephantBoy
GajbaahuSanskritWho has strength of an elephantBoy
GajbahuIndianWho has strength of an elephantBoy
GajbahuIndianOne who has strength of an elephantBoy
Gang  ()ChineseStrong; StrengthBoy
Ganya  (Ганя)RussianGod is my strengthBoy
GarimaIndianWarmth; Prowess; Strength; HonorGirl
Gavril  (Гаврила)RussianGod is my strengthBoy
GebbertGermanGift of bravery; StrengthBoy
GebhardGermanGift of bravery; StrengthBoy
GeertjeDutchSpear StrengthGirl
GeertruidaDutchSpear StrengthGirl
GeltrudeItalianSpear StrengthGirl
GertieEnglishSpear StrengthGirl
GertieGermanSpear StrengthGirl
GertieIndianSpear StrengthGirl
GertraudGermanSpear StrengthGirl
GertredGermanSpear StrengthGirl
GertridGermanSpear StrengthGirl
GertrudHungarianSpear StrengthGirl
GertrudaPolishSpear StrengthGirl
GertrudeEnglishSpear StrengthGirl
GertrudeIndianSpear StrengthGirl
GertrudesPortugueseSpear strengthGirl
GertrudesSpanishBeloved warrior; Spear strengthGirl
GertrudisSpanishBeloved warrior; Spear strengthGirl
GertruidaDutchSpear StrengthGirl
Haskel  (הַשְׂכֵּל)YiddishGod will StrengthenBoy
HesekielFinnishGod will strengthenBoy
HezekiahBiblicalGod is my StrengthBoy
HezekiahEnglishGod is my strengthBoy
HezekiahHebrewGod is my StrengthBoy
HezekiahIndianGod is my strengthBoy
HiltraudGermanBattle strengthGirl
HiltrudGermanBattle strengthGirl
HiltrudeGermanBattle strengthGirl
Hiroki  (弘樹)JapaneseAbundant Joy; StrengthBoy
HizkiahEnglishGod is my strengthBoy
HizkiahIndianGod is my strengthBoy
HizkijahEnglishGod is my strengthBoy
HizkijahIndianGod is my strengthBoy
HumbertoGermanBrilliant StrengthBoy
HumbertoSpanishBrilliant StrengthBoy
HumphreyGermanPeaceful StrengthBoy
HunfridGermanPeaceful StrengthBoy
HunfriedGermanPeaceful StrengthBoy
IshayuIndianFull of strengthBoy
JachinEnglishHe Establishes; Whom God StrengthensBoy
JachinIndianHe Establishes; Whom God StrengthensBoy
JayaniIndianA strength of lord GaneshGirl
JayaniIndianStrength of lord GaneshGirl
JehezekelEnglishGod will strengthenBoy
JehezekelIndianGod will strengthenBoy
Kleisthenes  (Κλεισθένης)GreekGlorious strengthBoy
Li  ()ChineseUpright; Logical; Dawn; Strength; PowerBoy
LolaksiIndianStrength of Lord GaneshGirl
MahabalaIndianOf great strengthBoy
MahabalaIndianGreat StrengthBoy
MahabaliIndianStrong; Mighty; One with great strengthBoy
ManfredTeutonicStrength; PeaceBoy
ManfredoItalianStrength PeaceBoy
MatildaFinnishMight; Strength; BattleGirl
MeinoGermanStrength; FirmBoy
MildredEnglishGentle StrengthGirl
MildredIndianGentle StrengthGirl
MildreddEnglishGentle StrengthGirl
MildreddIndianGentle StrengthGirl
MildrethAnglo-SaxonGentle strengthGirl
MildrethEnglishGentle StrengthGirl
MildrethIndianGentle StrengthGirl
MildrythAnglo-SaxonGentle strengthGirl
NityapushtaIndianGaining strength day by dayGirl
OjasIndianBody strengthBoy
OjasIndianBody strength; Luster; Brilliance; Shine; GlowBoy
OnufryPolishPeaceful StrengthBoy
OrzoraHebrewGod's StrengthGirl
QiqiangChineseEnlightenment; StrengthBoy
QudratIndianPower; Strength; Potency; NatureBoy
QuinnEnglishChief; Freeman; Head; Hound; Intelligence; StrengthBoy
QuinnIndianChief; Freeman; Head; Hound; Intelligence; StrengthBoy
RoswithaGermanRenowned StrengthGirl
SabalIndianFull of strengthBoy
SabalIndianWith strengthBoy
SahaskritIndianBestowing strength; PowerBoy
SahaujasIndianEndowed with strength or powerBoy
SahavanIndianPossessing strength; MightyBoy
SahojIndianFull of strengthBoy
SahojIndianStrong; Full of strengthGirl
SahojitIndianVictorious by strengthBoy
SamarthyaIndianStrength capabilityBoy
SamedhIndianFull of strengthBoy
SisuFinnishWillpower; Determination; StrengthBoy
SolveigNorwegianStrength; Strong houseGirl
TaraswinIndianBrave; Powerful; StrengthBoy
TaraswinIndianBrave; Face of strengthBoy
TrudiEnglishSpear StrengthGirl
TrudiIndianSpear StrengthGirl
TrudieEnglishSpear StrengthGirl
TrudieIndianSpear StrengthGirl
TrudyEnglishSpear StrengthGirl
TrudyIndianSpear StrengthGirl
TruusDutchSpear StrengthGirl
UrjaniIndianLord of strengthBoy
UzaHebrewPower; StrengthGirl
UziHebrewPower; StrengthBoy
UzielEnglishGod is my strengthBoy
UzielIndianGod is my strengthBoy
UzzaHebrewPower; StrengthGirl
UzziHebrewPower; StrengthBoy
UzzielEnglishGod is my strengthBoy
UzzielIndianGod is my strengthBoy
UzziyeHebrewGod's StrengthGirl
WaltraudGermanForeign StrengthGirl
Wei  (; ; ; ; )ChineseImpressive; Power; Strength; Great; MightyUnisex
YechezkelHebrewGod will strengthenBoy
YechezqelHebrewGod will strengthenBoy
ZeeshanIndianStrength; A high standard; Person who stay with styleBoy
ZekeEnglishGod will strengthenBoy
ZekeIndianGod will strengthenBoy

List of Surnames that means 'Strength'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
QuinnIrish Chief; Freeman; Head; Hound; Intelligence; Strength

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