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Meaning:  Woods

List of Names that means 'Woods'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AtohiNative AmericanWoodsBoy
BruceEnglishWoods; ThicketBoy
BruceIndianWoods; ThicketBoy
FesterGermanFrom the woodsBoy
SilvaLatinFrom the woodsGirl
SilvanaItalianFrom the WoodsGirl
SilvanoItalianFrom the WoodsBoy
SilvanusLatinFrom the woodsBoy
SilvesterEnglishForest; Wood; From the woodsBoy
SilvesterIndianForest; Wood; From the woodsBoy
SilvesterLatinFrom the woodsBoy
SilvestraLatinFrom the woodsGirl
SilvestroItalianFrom the WoodsBoy
SilviaItalianFrom the WoodsGirl
SilviaLatinFrom the woodsGirl
SilvioItalianFrom the WoodsBoy
SilviusLatinFrom the woodsBoy
SylvaLatinFrom the woodsGirl
SylviFinnishFrom the WoodsGirl
SylviaFinnishFrom the WoodsGirl
SylviaLatinFrom the woodsGirl
SylwesterPolishFrom the WoodsBoy
SylwiaPolishFrom the WoodsGirl
SzilveszterHungarianFrom the WoodsBoy
SzilviaHungarianFrom the WoodsGirl
VipinIndianForest; Woods; DifferentBoy
WitoldGermanRuler of the woodsBoy

List of Surnames that means 'Woods'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
BruceScottish Woods; Thicket