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 Sibling names for مهدي

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Sibling names for 'مهدي' (Please check and change above options to get desired result)
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
Abdul HadiIndianServant of the guideBoy
Abdul RasheedIndianServant of the rightly guidedBoy
Abdul-RasheedIndianServant of the rightly guidedBoy
Abdur RasheedIndianServant of guide to right pathBoy
Abu BakrArabianCompanion of MuhammadBoy
Abu BakrIndianCompanion of prophet MuhammadBoy
Abu BakrIndianCompanion of prophet MohammedBoy
Abu BakrIndianThe companion of prophet MohammedBoy
AdamIndianA Prophets nameBoy
AdiIndianCompanion of prophet MuhammadBoy
AdyanIndianName of a prophetBoy
AghaIndianAnother name for god; Pre EminentBoy
AhadIndianAllah; Another name for godBoy
AishaIndianLiving; Prosperous; Wife of prophet MohammedGirl
AliIndianHigh; Noble; Excellent; Elevated; Exalted; Prophet Mohammad's son in lawBoy
AliIranian (Persian)High; Prophet Mohammad's Son in LawBoy
AnasahIndianFreed slave of prophetBoy
AqibIndianAnother name for prophet MuhammadBoy
ArshadIndianGuided; Honest; Holy; PiousBoy
AulaIndianProphet MuhammadBoy
AushahIndianWife of prophet MuhammadGirl
AyeshaIndianProphet Mohammad's wifeGirl
AyoobIndianCompanion of prophet MuhammadBoy
AyoobIndianA Prophet's nameBoy
AyoobIndianProphet's nameBoy
AyshahIndianWife of prophet MuhammadGirl
AyubIndianCompanion of prophet MuhammadBoy
AzraqIndianCompanion of prophet MuhammadBoy
BaidIndianAnother name for god; Away; DistantBoy
BalaghIndianAnother name for holy QuranBoy
BarrIndianAnother name for god; Generous; GoodnessBoy
BasairIndianAnother name for holy QuranBoy
BatinIndianUnseen; Another name for prophet MuhammadBoy
BayanIndianAnother name for holy QuranBoy
BilaalIndianA prophet's person calling prayerBoy
BilalIndianA prophet's person calling prayerBoy
DaaiIndianAnother name for prophet MuhammadBoy
DaawoodIndianA Prophets nameBoy
DalilIndianAnother name for god; Evidence; GuideBoy
DawarIndianAnother name for godBoy
DawoodIndianA Prophets nameBoy
DawoudIndianA Prophets nameBoy
DawudIndianA Prophets nameBoy
Dhul FiqaarIndianName of the prophet's swordBoy
DihyatIndianCompanion of prophet MuhammadBoy
DurrahIndianPearl; Companion of prophet MuhammadGirl
FaatihIndianAnother name for prophet MuhammadBoy
FaatirIndianAnother name for god; OriginatorBoy
FardIndianAnother name for god; Unequalled; UniqueBoy
FaridIndianUnique; Wide; Pearl; Another name for godBoy
FariqIndianAnother name for god; Separating; EminentBoy
FastiqIndianAnother name for god; One who rips apartBoy
FatemehIndianProphet Mohammad's daughterGirl
FatimaIndianDaughter of prophet Muhammad (SAW)Girl
FatimahIndianDaughter of prophet Muhammad (SAW)Girl
FujaiIndianCompanion of prophet MuhammadBoy
GhafirIndianAnother name for god; Generous; Kind heartedBoy
GhannanIndianTwo friends of Prophet Muhammad; ShepherdBoy
GhayurIndianAnother name for god; Haughty; EnthusiasticBoy
GhazawanIndianWarrior; Companion of ProphetBoy
GhiyasIndianAnother name for god; One who asks for helpBoy
HaadiIndianWho guides well
HaadiIndianGuide to righteousnessBoy
HaadiyaIndianGuide to righteousnessBoy
HaadiyaIndianGuide to righteousnessGirl
HaajarIndianProphet Ismail's motherGirl
HaajaraIndianProphet Ismail's motherGirl
HaaroonIndianA Prophets nameBoy
HaashimIndianGenerosity; Prophet's grandfatherBoy
HaazimIndianGenerosity; Prophet's grandfatherBoy
HaazimaIndianGenerosity; Prophet's grandfatherGirl
HadeeIndianDirector; GuideBoy
Hadi  (هادي)ArabianLeader; Guide; Guide To RighteousnessBoy
HadiIndianGuide; LeaderBoy
HadiIranian (Persian)Guide; LeaderBoy
HadisIndianNarration of prophet MuhammadBoy
HadiyahIndianGuide to righteousnessGirl
HadyaIndianReligious guideGirl
HafsahIndianWife of prophet MuhammadGirl
HajarIndianWife of prophet IbrahimGirl
HajrahIndianWife of prophet IbrahimGirl
HamimIndianAnother name for prophet MuhammadBoy
HanananIndianAnother name for god; Generous; CharitableBoy
HashimIndianGenerosity; Prophet's grandfatherBoy
HashirIndianAnother name for Prophet Muhammad; One who assemblesBoy
HasibIndianAnother name for prophet MuhammadBoy
HazimahIndianFemale companion of the prophetGirl
HazirIndianAnother name for god; Present; ReadyBoy
HedayatIranian (Persian)GuideBoy
HirzIndianAnother name for god; Place of refugeBoy
HishamIndianCompanion of prophet Muhammad; GenerousBoy
HishmaIndianCompanion of prophet Muhammad; GenerousGirl
HoudIndianA Prophets nameBoy
HudIndianA Prophets nameBoy
HumaylIndianCompanion of prophet Muhammad; GenerousBoy
HusseinIndianBeautiful; Name of son of Ali and the grandson of the Prophet MuhammadBoy
IbraheemIndianA Prophets nameBoy
IbrahimIndianA Prophets nameBoy
IdreesIndianLord of fiery; Prophet's nameBoy
IdrisIndianLord of fiery; Prophet's nameBoy
IesaIndianA Prophets nameBoy
IlashIndianAnother name for godBoy
IlyaasIndianA Prophets nameBoy
IlyasIndianA Prophets nameBoy
ImraanIndianA Prophets nameBoy
Is-HaaqIndianA Prophets nameBoy
IsaIndianA Prophets name; JesusBoy
IshaqIndianA Prophets nameBoy
IsmaaelIndianA Prophets nameBoy
IsmaeelIndianA Prophets nameBoy
IsmailIndianA Prophets nameBoy
JahanafirinIndianAnother name for god; CreatorBoy
JahdamahIndianFemale companion of the prophetGirl
JahshIndianCompanion of prophet MuhammadBoy
JaveriaIndianName of prophet Muhammad's wifeGirl
JaveriaIndianProphet Mohammad's wifeGirl
JuwariyahIndianWife of prophet MuhammadGirl
KadshahIndianCompanion of prophet MuhammadGirl
KafiIndianAnother name for god; Talented; EnoughBoy
KalamIndianAnother name for holy Quran; Speech; ConversationBoy
KalimIndianAnother name for Prophet Muhammad; SpeakerBoy
KamilIndianAnother name for god; Whole; ImmaculateBoy
KarukarIndianAnother name for god; WorkersBoy
KasirIndianAnother name for god; One who breaksBoy
KhadeejaIndianProphet Mohammad's wifeGirl
KhadijahIndianFirst wife of the prophet; First woman to accept IslamGirl
KhalilIndianGood friend; Another name for prophet MuhammadBoy
KhidashIndianCompanion of prophet MuhammadBoy
KulthoomIndianDaughter of the prophet MohammedGirl
LajlajIndianCompanion of prophet MuhammadBoy
LaqeetIndianWell known companion of the prophetBoy
LayzalIndianAnother name for god; Immortal; UndyingBoy
LuqmaanIndianA Prophets nameBoy
LuqmanIndianA Prophets nameBoy
LutIndianName of a prophetBoy
MaahiIndianAnother name for prophet MuhammadBoy
MaazIndianFriend of prophet MuhammadBoy
MahdyIndianGuided to the right pathBoy
MahibIndianAnother name for god; Lion; BraveBoy
MahidIndianAnother name for god; One who preachesBoy
MahmudIndianProphet of IslamBoy
MahudIndianAnother name for god; One who is worshippedBoy
MaimunahIndianWife of prophet MuhammadGirl
MajidIndianGreat; Honorable; Noble; Another name for holy QuranBoy
ManeeIndianA painter who later claimed to be a prophetGirl
ManeeIranian (Persian)A Painter Who Later Claimed to be a ProphetGirl
ManiIranian (Persian)A Painter Who Later Claimed to be a ProphetBoy
MarufirahIndianAnother name for holy Quran; Lofty; RespectedBoy
MarziyahIndianAnother name for Hazrat Fatima ZahraGirl
MatinIndianAnother name for prophet MuhammadBoy
MehdiIndianGuided; FlowerBoy
MehdiIranian (Persian)GuidedBoy
MehmoodIndianBeloved; A prophet of IslamBoy
MehmoodaIndianBeloved; A prophet of IslamGirl
MirsabIndianSword of the prophet Mohammad SAWBoy
MohamadIndianProphet; Messenger of Allah; Humble; MercifulBoy
MohammadIndianName of the Prophet; PraiseworthyBoy
MohammadIranian (Persian)Highly Praised; Also Name of the Prophet of IslamBoy
MoosaIndianA Prophets nameBoy
MooshaIndianA Prophets nameBoy
MoradIndianProphet's nameBoy
MubayyinIndianAnother name for god; One who makes clearBoy
MubinIndianAnother name for holy Quran; One who informs; EvidentBoy
MuhamadIndianProphet; Messenger of Allah; Humble; MercifulBoy
MuharrimIndianAnother name for prophet MuhammadBoy
MuhtadyIndianRightly guidedBoy
MulaylIndianCompanion of prophet MuhammadBoy
MursalIndianMessenger; Prophet; AmbassadorBoy
MurshidIndianSpiritual guide; Instructor; MentorBoy
MurtajaIndianAnother name Of AliBoy
MusaIndianA Prophets nameBoy
MusaddiqIndianOne who confirms or verifies anotherBoy
MustafaIndianChosen; Elected; Prophet MuhammadBoy
NabiIndianAnother name for prophet Muhammad; Messenger of AllahBoy
NabilIndianNoble; Generous; Another name for God; WiseBoy
NahiIndianAnother name for prophet MuhammadBoy
NazirIndianBright; Another name for the Quran; One who preachesBoy
NoohIndianName of a prophetBoy
NuriyahIndianAnother name for Hazrat Fatima ZahraGirl
PirmohammedIndianHoly prophetBoy
QabilIndianAnother name for god; Efficient; SkilfulBoy
QaribIndianAnother name for god; Proximity; Poetic meterBoy
QaylahIndianCompanion of prophet MuhammadGirl
QayyamIndianAnother name for god; ImmortalBoy
QayyimIndianAnother name for holy Quran; Just; StrongBoy
QudamahIndianCourage; Companion of prophet Mohammad (SAW)Boy
QutaylahIndianCompanion of prophet MuhammadGirl
RaashidIndianMajor; Adult; Orthodox; GuidedBoy
RafiIndianAnother name for god; Lofty; Exalted; DelicateBoy
RafiaIndianAnother name for god; Lofty; Exalted; DelicateGirl
RahimIndianAnother name for GodBoy
Rashid  (رشيد; راشد)ArabianRightly Guided; IntegrityBoy
RashidIndianWell guided
RasoolIndianMessenger of god; ProphetBoy
Rasul  (رسول)ArabianProphet; MessengerBoy
RasulIndianAngel; Prophet; MessengerBoy
RasulIndianMessenger of god; ProphetBoy
RatiqIndianAnother name for god; One who brings togetherBoy
RaziqIndianAnother name for god; CherisherBoy
RaziyahIndianAnother name for Hazrat Fatima ZahraGirl
RuqayaIndianName of the prophet Mohammad's daughterGirl
RuqayyahIndianName of the prophet Mohammad's daughterGirl
SaadIndianGood luck; Companion of the prophet Mohammed SAWBoy
SabeenArabianFollower of Another ReligionGirl
SabiqIndianAnother name for god; primary; firstBoy
SafoorahIndianWife of prophet MusaGirl
SahilIndianLeader; Ruler; GuideBoy
SamawiyahIndianAnother name for Hazrat Fatima ZahraGirl
SamiqIndianAnother name for god; Exalted; TallBoy
SanadIndianAnother name for god; Evidence; ProofGirl
SaraaIndianProphet Ibrahim's wife; Pure; HappyGirl
SarahIndianProphet Ibrahim's wife; Pure; HappyGirl
SarraIndianCompanion of prophet MuhammadGirl
SatihIndianAnother name for god; PreacherBoy
SawdaIndianA wife of the ProphetGirl
SawdahIndianA wife of the ProphetGirl
ShamikhIndianAnother name for god; Lofty; Arrogant; ExaltedBoy
SulaymanIndianA Prophets nameBoy
SumaytahIndianCompanion of prophet MuhammadGirl
TaseenIndianAnother name of prophet Mohammad SAWBoy
TihamiIndianA title of the prophet Mohammad SAWBoy
UhbanIndianAnother name of prophet Mohammad SAWBoy
WahiIndianAnother name for holy Quran; MessengersBoy
YaaseenIndianHelpful; One of prophet Muhammad's namesBoy
YahyaIndianA Prophets nameBoy
YahyaaIndianA Prophets nameBoy
YaqubIndianA Prophets nameBoy
YoonusIndianA Prophets nameBoy
YoosufIndianJoseph; A prophet's name; Chosen by godBoy
YousefIndianJoseph; A prophet's name; Chosen by godBoy
YuhansIndianA Prophets nameBoy
YunusIndianA Prophets nameBoy
YusufIndianJoseph; A prophet's name; Chosen by godBoy
ZainabIndianFragrant flowering plant; Daughter of prophet's SAWGirl
ZakariyaIndianRemembering god; A Prophet's nameBoy
ZakariyyaIndianRemembering god; A Prophet's nameBoy
ZaminIndianAnother name for god; Biased; SecurityBoy
ZaynabIndianName of the prophet Mohammad's daughterGirl
ZikrIndianAnother name for holy Quran; Reminder; MentionBoy
ZukrIndianAnother name for god; Pile; TreasuryBoy
ZulkiflIndianName of a prophetBoy
ZunnoonIndianAppellation of prophet YunusBoy

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