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List of Names meaning 'Lord Of Earth'

AvanishIndianLord of the earthBoy
AvanishIndianLord of earthGirl
AvanishIndianLord of earthBoy
AvneeshIndianGod of the earth,  Lord GaneshBoy
AvneeshIndianGod of the Earth,  Another name for lord GaneshBoy
AvneeshIndianLord of earth,  Lord GaneshBoy
BhaumikIndianLord of the earthBoy
BhaumikSanskritLord of the earthBoy
BhoopatIndianLord of the earthBoy
BhoopatIndianLord of earthBoy
BhoopatSanskritLord of the earthBoy
BhoopatiIndianLord of earthBoy
BhoopatiSanskritLord of the earthBoy
BhudevIndianLord of earthBoy
BhudevIndianLord of the earthBoy
BhudevIndianLord of the earth,  Lord ShivaBoy
BhudevSanskritLord of the earth,  Lord ShivaBoy
BhudevaIndianLord of the earthBoy
BhudevaIndianLord of the earth,  Lord ShivaBoy
BhudevaSanskritLord of the earth,  Lord ShivaBoy
BhupathiIndianLord of the earthBoy
BhupathiIndianLord of earthBoy
BhupathiIndianKing,  Lord of the earthBoy
BhupatiIndianKing,  Lord of the earthBoy
BhupatiSanskritLord of the earthBoy
BhuvaneshSanskritLord of the world,  Lord of the earthBoy
DakshaIndianEarth,  Wife of Lord Shiva,  SkilledGirl
DakshaIndianEarth,  Sati,  Wife of lord ShivaGirl
DakshaIndianEarth,  Sati,  Wife of lord ShivaGirl
DakshaIndianThe Earth,  Sati,  Wife of lord ShivaGirl
DakshaIndianThe Earth,  Wife of lord ShivaGirl
DakshaSanskritThe skilled one,  The earth,  Sati - wife of Lord ShivaGirl
HemishIndianLord of earthBoy
HemishIndianLord of the earthBoy
IlashpastiIndianLord of earthBoy
IlashpastiIndianLord of the EarthBoy
IleshIndianLord of earthBoy
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Origin:  IndianSanskrit
Religion:  JainHindu
Rashi:  VrushabhDhanMinKarkMesh
Nakshatra:  Purva BhadraPushyamiArudraMoolaPurva ShadaKrithika
Graha:  Mangal (Mars)Guru (Jupiter)Chandra (Moon)
Gender:  Boy onlyGirl onlyUnisex
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