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Meaning:  Hill

List of Names that means 'Hill'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AfrikaisiEgyptianFrom the Egyptian HillsGirl
ArunachaleshwaraIndianLord of hills of sunBoy
ArunachaleshwaraIndianLord of the hills of sunBoy
BoellGermanHill DwellerBoy
BranEnglishBroom covered hill; RavenBoy
BranIndianBroom covered hill; RavenBoy
BrandenEnglishBroom covered hillBoy
BrandenIndianBroom covered hillBoy
BrandonEnglishBroom covered hillBoy
BrandonIndianBroom covered hillBoy
BrannonEnglishBroom covered hillBoy
BrannonIndianBroom covered hillBoy
BreanaEnglishHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BreanaIndianHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BreannEnglishHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BreannIndianHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BreannaEnglishHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BreannaIndianHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BreanneEnglishHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BreanneIndianHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BrennaEnglishHigh hill; SwordGirl
BrennaIndianHigh hill; SwordGirl
BrentEnglishHigh place; HillBoy
BrentIndianHigh place; HillBoy
BrentIndianHill topBoy
BrianEnglishHigh hill; Force; StrengthBoy
BrianIndianHigh hill; Force; StrengthBoy
BrianaEnglishHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BrianaIndianHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BriannaEnglishHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BriannaIndianHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BrianneEnglishHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BrianneIndianHigh hill; Force; StrengthGirl
BrianusLatinHigh HillBoy
BryanEnglishHigh hillBoy
BryanIndianHigh hillBoy
BryanaEnglishHigh hillGirl
BryanaIndianHigh hillGirl
BryannaEnglishHigh hillGirl
BryannaIndianHigh hillGirl
BryanneEnglishHigh hillGirl
BryanneIndianHigh hillGirl
BryantEnglishHigh hillBoy
BryantIndianHigh hillBoy
BrynmorWelshGreat hillBoy
BryonEnglishHigh hill; Force; StrengthBoy
BryonIndianHigh hill; Force; StrengthBoy
CynwrigWelshHigh hillBoy
DunlopScottishMuddy HilltopBoy
DunmorScottishGreat hill fortressBoy
DunmoreScottishGreat hill fortressBoy
EldonEnglishElla's hillBoy
EldonIndianElla's hillBoy
ElumalaiIndianLord Venkateshwara; Lord of seven hillsBoy
GordainScottishGreat hill; Fortress; Hill near the meadowBoy
GordanScottishGreat hill; Fortress; Hill near the meadowBoy
GordanaScottishGreat hill; Fortress; Hill near the meadowGirl
GordaniaScottishGreat hill; Fortress; Hill near the meadowGirl
GordonScottishGreat hill; Fortress; Hill near the meadowBoy
HamiltonEnglishFlat Topped HillBoy
HamiltonIndianFlat Topped HillBoy
HamiltonScottishFlat topped hill; Proud homeBoy
HemadriIndianGolden hills; Mountain of goldGirl
HemadriIndianGolden hillsGirl
HobardGermanBert's HillBoy
HobartGermanBert's HillBoy
HobbardGermanBert's HillBoy
HohberhtGermanBert's HillBoy
HorstGermanWooded HillBoy
HoustonScottishHill TownBoy
KendraEnglishHigh hill; Keen powerGirl
KendraIndianHigh hill; Keen powerGirl
KendrickEnglishHigh hill; Keen powerBoy
KendrickIndianHigh hill; Keen powerBoy
KenrickEnglishHigh hill; Keen powerBoy
KenrickIndianHigh hill; Keen powerBoy
KipEnglishFat Man; Lives on a hillBoy
KipIndianFat Man; Lives on a hillBoy
KippEnglishFat Man; Lives on a hillBoy
KippGermanLives on a HillBoy
KippIndianFat Man; Lives on a hillBoy
KnoxEnglishLives on a hilltopBoy
KnoxIndianLives on a hilltopBoy
KnoxScottishLives on a hilltopBoy
KopeckyCzech & SlovakHillBoy
KuwanyamtiwaNative AmericanBeautiful badger going over the hillGirl
LandonEnglishLong hillBoy
LandonIndianLong hillBoy
LangdonEnglishLong hillBoy
LangdonIndianLong hillBoy
LindenEnglishLime tree hillGirl
LindenIndianLime tree hillGirl
LindonEnglishLime tree hillBoy
LindonIndianLime tree hillBoy
LyndonEnglishLime tree hillBoy
LyndonIndianLime tree hillBoy
MarwaIndianFragrant plant; Al Marwa is one of the hill in city MeccaGirl
MontaEnglishPointed hillGirl
MontaIndianPointed hillGirl
MontgomeryEnglishHill of GomericBoy
MontgomeryIndianHill of GomericBoy
MontmorencyEnglishHill of MorencyBoy
MontmorencyIndianHill of MorencyBoy
MontyEnglishPointed hillBoy
MontyIndianPointed hillBoy
NeelanchalIndianNilgiri hillsBoy
OdellEnglishWoad HillBoy
OdellIndianWoad HillBoy
OrrellEnglishOre hillBoy
OrrellIndianOre hillBoy
PakunaNative AmericanDeer jumping downhillGirl
PonmalaIndianSabari HillBoy
RoydenFrenchFrom the Rye hillBoy
RoyleEnglishRye hillBoy
RoyleIndianRye hillBoy
Ruba  (ربى)ArabianHillGirl
SabareeshIndianLord of Sabari hillBoy
SabareeshwaraIndianLord of Sabari hillBoy
SabariIndianOne who lives in Sabari hillBoy
Sabari GireeshIndianLord of Sabari hillBoy
SeshadriIndianShesha means - The king of serpents and Adri means - HillBoy
SeshadriIndianShesha - The king of serpents + Adri - HillBoy
SeshadriIndianShesha means the king of serpents and Adri means hillBoy
ShikhaIndianFlame; Hill TopGirl
ShikhaIndianHill TopGirl
TalfrynWelshHigh hillBoy
TaraEnglishStar; HillGirl
TaraIndianStar; HillGirl
TarahEnglishStar; HillGirl
TarahIndianStar; HillGirl
TirumalaIndianSeven hillsBoy
TirupathiIndianSeven hillsBoy
VardanFrenchFrom the green hillBoy
VardenFrenchFrom the green hillBoy
VardonFrenchFrom the green hillBoy
VerddunFrenchFrom the green hillBoy
WeldonEnglishSpring HillBoy
WeldonIndianSpring HillBoy
WinslowEnglishWine's hillBoy
WinslowIndianWine's hillBoy

List of Surnames that means 'Hill'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
AcksheughEnglish Hilly land covered with Oaks
AffleckEnglish Hill Stone
AldenEnglish Old Hill; From high castle; Town; High castle; High town
AlverstonEnglish High Green Hill
AlvertonEnglish High Green Hill
AndartonEnglish The Oak Hill
AshburtonEnglish Town on the hill covered with Ash trees
AskewEnglish Hilly land covered with Oaks
AthillEnglish At the hill
AthillFrench At the hill
AuchinleckScottish Hill Stone
AverillEnglish The hill sown with Oats
BallEnglish Hilltop
BangsEnglish From the hillside; From the riverbank
BankerEnglish From the hillside; From the riverbank
BanksEnglish From the hillside; From the riverbank
BantaGaelic Hills; Mountains
BanvardEnglish Fortified hill
BarrScottish Elevation; Height; Hill
BrandonEnglish Broom covered hill
BryanEnglish High Hill
BryanIrish High Hill
BryantEnglish High Hill
BryantIrish High Hill
De La HouFrench Of the hill
EldonEnglish Ella's Hill
GableEnglish Triangular shaped hill
HamiltonScottish Flat topped hill
HaverhillEnglish The hill sown with Oats
KnoxEnglish Lives on a hilltop
LandonEnglish Long hill
LangdonEnglish Long hill
LyndonEnglish Lime tree hill
MontgomeryEnglish Hill of Gomeric
MontmorencyEnglish Hill of Morency
OdellEnglish Wood Hill
OkadaJapan岡田Hill Rice Field
OkamotoJapan岡本Hill True
OrrellEnglish Ore hill
RoyleEnglish Rye hill
SakamotoJapan坂本Hill True
WeldonEnglish Spring Hill
WerdenGerman Fort on the hill
WetherspoonEnglish Grazing place in the spur of a hill
WhealdenEnglish Mine Hill
WheatonEnglish White Hill
WhieldonEnglish Mine Hill
WinslowEnglish Wine's hill
WitheringtonEnglish Withered Hill
WitherspoonEnglish Grazing place in the spur of a hill
WodderspoonEnglish Grazing place in the spur of a hill
WooderingtonEnglish Withered Hill