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 Names meaning 'Home'

Name that means

Meaning:  Home

List of Names that means 'Home'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AashiyanaIndianBeautiful homeGirl
AashiyanaIndianBeautiful home; Small dwelling; NestGirl
AbequaNative AmericanStays at homeGirl
AbequeNative AmericanStays at homeGirl
AdebowaleAfricanMy Crown has come HomeUnisex
AimereyEnglishHome rulerBoy
AimereyIndianHome rulerBoy
AimeriFrenchHome RulerBoy
AimericFrenchHome RulerBoy
AimeryEnglishHome rulerBoy
AimeryFrenchHome RulerBoy
AimeryIndianHome rulerBoy
Alcestis  (Άλκηστη)GreekMight of the homeGirl
AlcestisLatinMight of the homeGirl
AmeryEnglishHome rulerBoy
AmeryIndianHome rulerBoy
AmoryEnglishHome ruler; The loving oneBoy
AmoryIndianHome ruler; The loving oneBoy
AniketIndianHomeless; Lord ShivaBoy
AwenasaNative AmericanMy HomeGirl
AymericFrenchHome RulerBoy
AymeryEnglishHome rulerBoy
AymeryIndianHome rulerBoy
AyodeleAfricanJoy has come HomeUnisex
AyokunleAfricanOne who filled the Home with JoyBoy
BamideleAfricanFollow Me HomeBoy
BolanleAfricanFinds Wealth At HomeGirl
BrighamEnglishHomestead by the bridgeBoy
BrighamIndianHomestead by the bridgeBoy
ChidambaramIndianHome of lord ShivaBoy
EanraigScottishHome rulerBoy
EmirTurkishHome Ruler; FriendBoy
EmreTurkishHome Ruler; FriendBoy
EnricaItalianRuler of the Estate; Home RulerGirl
EnricaSpanishRuler of the estate; Home rulerGirl
EnricoItalianRuler of the Estate; Home RulerBoy
EnriquaSpanishRuler of the estate; Home rulerGirl
EnriqueSpanishRuler of the estate; Home rulerBoy
EnriquetaSpanishRuler of the estate; Home rulerGirl
EnzoItalianRuler of the Estate; Home RulerBoy
EnzoSpanishRuler of the estate; Home rulerBoy
GharcheenIndianOne who realizes the home withinBoy
GharchetIndianOne who meditate son the real home withinBoy
GraemeEnglishGravel HomeBoy
GraemeIndianGravel HomeBoy
GraemeScottishGrand Gravel Home; Gravelly HomesteadBoy
GrahamEnglishGravel HomeBoy
GrahamIndianGravel HomeBoy
GrahamScottishGrand Gravel Home; Gravelly HomesteadBoy
GrahameEnglishGravel HomeBoy
GrahameIndianGravel HomeBoy
GrahameScottishGrand Gravel Home; Gravelly HomesteadUnisex
HaimirichGermanHome rulerBoy
HainrichPolishHome RulerBoy
HajnrichPolishHome RulerBoy
HalEnglishHome rulerBoy
HalIndianHome rulerBoy
HamiltonFrenchProud HomeBoy
HamiltonScottishFlat topped hill; Proud homeBoy
HamoeletGermanFrom the little homeBoy
HampusLatinBright homeBoy
HankEnglishHome rulerBoy
HankIndianHome rulerBoy
HarriEnglishHome rulerBoy
HarriFinnishHome RulerBoy
HarriIndianHome rulerBoy
HarriWelshHome rulerBoy
HarrieEnglishHome rulerBoy
HarrieIndianHome rulerBoy
HarrietEnglishHome rulerGirl
HarrietFrenchRuler of the enclosure; Home rulerGirl
HarrietIndianHome rulerGirl
HarriettEnglishHome rulerGirl
HarriettFrenchRuler of the enclosure; Home rulerGirl
HarriettIndianHome rulerGirl
HarriettaEnglishHome rulerGirl
HarriettaFrenchRuler of the enclosure; Home rulerGirl
HarriettaIndianHome rulerGirl
HarrietteEnglishHome rulerGirl
HarrietteFrenchRuler of the enclosure; Home rulerGirl
HarrietteIndianHome rulerGirl
HarryEnglishHome rulerBoy
HarryIndianHome rulerBoy
HattieEnglishHome rulerGirl
HattieIndianHome rulerGirl
HattyEnglishHome rulerGirl
HattyIndianHome rulerGirl
HeavenEnglishHome of God; SkyGirl
HeavenIndianHome of God; SkyGirl
HeikeGermanHome rulerUnisex
HeikkiFinnishHome RulerBoy
HeikoGermanHome rulerBoy
HeimerichGermanHome rulerBoy
HeinDutchHome RulerBoy
HeineGermanHome ruler; Ruler of an enclosureBoy
HeinerGermanHome ruler; Ruler of an enclosureBoy
HeinoGermanHome ruler; Ruler of an enclosureBoy
HeinrichGermanHome ruler; Ruler of an enclosureBoy
HeinrikeGermanHome ruler; Ruler of an enclosureGirl
HeintjeDutchHome RulerGirl
HeinzGermanHome ruler; Ruler of an enclosureBoy
HendrickEnglishHome rulerBoy
HendrickIndianHome rulerBoy
HendrikDutchHome RulerBoy
HendrikScandinavianHome rulerBoy
HendrikaDutchHome RulerGirl
HendryScottishHome rulerBoy
HendrychPolishHome RulerBoy
HeniekPolishRuler of an Enclosure; Home RulerBoy
HenioPolishRuler of an Enclosure; Home RulerBoy
HenkDutchHome RulerBoy
HennaFinnishHome RulerGirl
HenningGermanHome ruler; Ruler of an enclosureBoy
HenningScandinavianHome rulerBoy
HenriFinnishHome RulerBoy
HenriFrenchRuler of the enclosure; Home rulerBoy
HenrickDutchHome RulerBoy
HenricusLatinHome RulerBoy
HenrieEnglishHome rulerBoy
HenrieIndianHome rulerBoy
HenrietaPolishRuler of an Enclosure; Home RulerGirl
HenriettaEnglishHome rulerGirl
HenriettaFrenchRuler of the enclosure; Home rulerGirl
HenriettaIndianHome rulerGirl
HenriettaLatinHome RulerGirl
HenrietteEnglishHome rulerGirl
HenrietteFrenchRuler of the enclosure; Home rulerGirl
HenrietteIndianHome rulerGirl
HenriikkaFinnishHome RulerGirl
HenrikGermanHome ruler; Ruler of an enclosureBoy
HenrikScandinavianHome rulerBoy
HenrikasLithuanianHome rulerBoy
HenrikeGermanHome ruler; Ruler of an enclosureGirl
HenrikeScandinavianHome rulerGirl
HenrikkiFinnishHome RulerBoy
HenriquePortugueseHome rulerBoy
HenriquesPortugueseHome rulerBoy
HenriquetaPortugueseHome rulerGirl
HenryEnglishHome rulerBoy
HenryFrenchRuler of the enclosure; Home rulerBoy
HenryGermanHome ruler; Ruler of an enclosureBoy
HenryIndianHome rulerBoy
HenryeEnglishHome rulerBoy
HenryeIndianHome rulerBoy
HenrykPolishRuler of an Enclosure; Home RulerBoy
HenrykaPolishRuler of an Enclosure; Home RulerGirl
HerkusLithuanianHome rulerBoy
HettieEnglishHome rulerGirl
HettieFrenchRuler of the enclosure; Home rulerGirl
HettieIndianHome rulerGirl
HinrichGermanHome rulerBoy
ImrichCzech & SlovakHome RulerBoy
JavierFrenchOwner of a new homeBoy
JindrichCzech & SlovakHome RulerBoy
JindrikCzech & SlovakHome RulerBoy
JindriskaCzech & SlovakHome RulerGirl
KetanIndianHome; Banner; Pure goldBoy
KetanIndianHome; Pure Gold; Mark; Sign; DwellingBoy
KetanIndianHome; BannerBoy
KetanaIndianHome; DwellingGirl
MandiraIndianMelody; Cymbals; HomeGirl
MandiraIndianCymbals; Home; MelodyGirl
MandiraIndianCymbals; HomeGirl
Nestor  (Νέστωρ)GreekHomecomingBoy
NiketIndianHome; MansionBoy
NikunjIndianLoving home; Lord KrishnaBoy
NikunjIndianA bower; Loving home; Lord KrishnaBoy
NilayIndianHome; Mansion; AbodeBoy
NilayaIndianHome; Mansion; AbodeGirl
NinovanNative AmericanOur HomeGirl
Olympia  (Ολυμπια)GreekHome of the GodsGirl
Olympias  (Ολυμπιάς)GreekHome of the GodsGirl
Olympos  (Όλυμπος)GreekHome of the GodsBoy
OlympusLatinHome of the GodsBoy
OmobolanleAfricanA Child who Met Wealth At HomeUnisex
QuiqueSpanishHome RulerBoy
RicaSpanishRuler of the estate; Home rulerGirl
RiccardoItalianRich and Powerful Ruler; Powerful and Brave; Home RulerBoy
RicciardoItalianRich and Powerful Ruler; Powerful and Brave; Home RulerBoy
RicoItalianRich and Powerful Ruler; Powerful and Brave; Home RulerBoy
SamanIndianHome; WelfareBoy
SamanIranian (Persian)Home; WelfareBoy
SikeNative AmericanHe sits at homeBoy
TatumEnglishTate's homesteadGirl
TatumIndianTate's homesteadGirl
UmbertoItalianBright Home; Bright SupportBoy
WattanJapaneseFrom The HomelandGirl
XavierSpanishOwner of a new homeBoy
XavieraSpanishOwner of a new homeGirl
XavierraFrenchOwner of a new homeGirl
XavierreFrenchOwner of a new homeGirl
XeverSpanishOwner of a new homeBoy
XeveraSpanishOwner of a new homeGirl
XeveriaSpanishOwner of a new homeGirl
YettaEnglishHome rulerGirl
YettaIndianHome rulerGirl
ZionHebrewHomeland; HeavenBoy

List of Surnames that means 'Home'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
AmeryEnglish Home ruler
AmoryEnglish Home ruler
BaaningDanish Dwelling; Home
BanningDanish Dwelling; Home
BanningEnglish Dwelling; Home
BarnumEnglish The Baron's Home
BrighamEnglish Homestead by the bridge
GrahamScottish Gravel Home
GranthamEnglish Gravel Home
HammondEnglish Home
HamonFrench Home
TatumEnglish Tate's Homestead

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