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 Names meaning 'Power'

Name that means

Meaning:  Power

List of Names that means 'Power'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AadhyaIndianFirst powerGirl
AadhyaIndianFirst Power; The BeginningGirl
AarneFinnishEagle PowerBoy
Abd-Al-Aziz  (عبد العزيز)ArabianServant of the PowerfulBoy
Abd-Al-Qadir  (عبد القادر)ArabianServant of the Capable; PowerfulBoy
Abdul AzeezIndianServant of the mighty; PowerfulBoy
Abdul MuqtadirIndianServant of powerfulBoy
Abdul QadeerIndianSlave of the powerfulBoy
Abdul QadirIndianSlave of the powerfulBoy
Abdul-AzeezIndianServant of the mighty; The powerfulBoy
Abdul-AzeezIndianServant of the mighty; PowerfulBoy
AbhibhavaIndianOver powering; Powerful; VictoriousBoy
AbhibhavaIndianOverpowering; Powerful; VictoriousBoy
AbhisriIndianSurrounded by glory; Shining; PowerfulGirl
AdalricusGermanAll Powerful; Ruler of allBoy
Adbul QawiIndianServant of the most powerfulBoy
AdhyaIndianFirst powerGirl
AdiraArabianStrong and PowerfulGirl
AdiraHebrewNoble; Powerful; StrongGirl
AkbarIndianHonorable; Great; Bigger; PowerfulBoy
Al Muqtadir (المقتدر)IndianThe Creator of All Power
Al Qadir (القادر)IndianThe All Powerful
AlaricoSpanishPowerful; Ruler of allBoy
AlaricusGermanAll Powerful; Ruler of allBoy
Al-AzizArabianTo Be Cherished; PowerfulBoy
AlberichGermanElf PowerBoy
AlericEnglishAll Powerful; Ruler of allBoy
AlericIndianAll Powerful; Ruler of allBoy
AlerickEnglishAll Powerful; Ruler of allBoy
AlerickIndianAll Powerful; Ruler of allBoy
AllaricEnglishAll Powerful; Ruler of allBoy
AllaricIndianAll Powerful; Ruler of allBoy
AllarickEnglishAll Powerful; Ruler of allBoy
AllarickIndianAll Powerful; Ruler of allBoy
AllericEnglishAll Powerful; Ruler of allBoy
AllericIndianAll Powerful; Ruler of allBoy
AllerickEnglishAll Powerful; Ruler of allBoy
AllerickIndianAll Powerful; Ruler of allBoy
AllricEnglishAll Powerful; Ruler of allBoy
AllricIndianAll Powerful; Ruler of allBoy
AlmerichGermanWork PowerBoy
AlmericusLatinWork PowerBoy
AlrekrNorsePowerful; Ruler of allBoy
AmaldGermanPower of an eagleBoy
AmaliricusGermanWork PowerBoy
AmaliricusLatinWork PowerBoy
AmaliricusTeutonicWork powerBoy
AmallGermanPower of an eagleBoy
AmalricGermanWork PowerBoy
AmalrichGermanWork PowerBoy
AmandlaAfricanPowerful; StrongGirl
AmaudFrenchPowerful EagleBoy
AmaudGermanPower of an eagleBoy
AmauriFrenchWork PowerBoy
AmauryFrenchWork PowerBoy
AmdGermanPower of an eagleBoy
AmdtGermanPower of an eagleBoy
AmellGermanPower of an eagleBoy
AmenEgyptianPower of the Universe; God of a United EgyptBoy
AmericusLatinWork PowerBoy
AmerigoItalianIndustrious; Work; PowerBoy
AmetGermanPower of an eagleBoy
AmettGermanPower of an eagleBoy
AmholdGermanPower of an eagleBoy
AmoFrenchPowerful EagleBoy
AmoGermanPower of an eagleBoy
AmoldGermanPower of an eagleBoy
AmoldoSpanishPower of an eagleBoy
AmollGermanPower of an eagleBoy
AmotGermanPower of an eagleBoy
AmottGermanPower of an eagleBoy
AngadIndianOrnament; PowerfulBoy
AnimaIndianHe Power of becoming smallGirl
AnimaIndianPower of becoming minuteGirl
ArendGermanPower of an eagleBoy
ArmannoItalianWarrior; Eagle; PowerfulBoy
ArminoItalianWarrior; Eagle; PowerfulBoy
ArnEnglishEagle powerBoy
ArnGermanPowerful EagleBoy
ArnIndianEagle powerBoy
ArnaldoItalianWarrior; Eagle; PowerfulBoy
ArnaudFrenchPowerful EagleBoy
ArnaudeFrenchPowerful EagleGirl
ArndtGermanPowerful EagleBoy
ArneEnglishEagle powerBoy
ArneGermanPowerful EagleBoy
ArneIndianEagle powerBoy
ArneNorseEagle powerBoy
ArnieEnglishEagle powerBoy
ArnieIndianEagle powerBoy
ArnoldEnglishEagle powerBoy
ArnoldGermanPowerful EagleBoy
ArnoldIndianEagle powerBoy
ArnoldusLatinEagle PowerBoy
ArnyEnglishEagle powerBoy
ArnyIndianEagle powerBoy
AubreyEnglishElf powerUnisex
AubreyIndianElf powerUnisex
AzamIndianPowerful one; OffspringBoy
Aziz  (عزيز)ArabianTo Be Cherished (Or Powerful)Boy
BalbeerIndianImmense Strength; PowerfulBoy
BaldevIndianStrong; Godlike in powerBoy
BaldevIndianGodlike in powerBoy
BaldevIndianGodlike in power; StrongBoy
BalrajIndianMighty; Powerful; StrongBoy
BalvanIndianPowerful and mightyBoy
BalvantIndianImmense Strength; PowerfulBoy
BalveerIndianImmense Strength; PowerfulBoy
BalveerIndianPowerful; Strong; MightyBoy
BalvinderIndianPowerful; Strong; MightyUnisex
BalvindraIndianImmense Strength; PowerfulBoy
BalvindraIndianPowerful; Strong; MightyUnisex
BalwantIndianImmense Strength; PowerfulBoy
BalwantIndianPowerful; Strong; MightyUnisex
CallicratesLatinBeauty PowerBoy
CenricEnglishKeen PowerBoy
CenricIndianKeen PowerBoy
ChetnaIndianPower of Intellect; AlertGirl
ChikaAfricanGod is the Greatest; God's PowerGirl
ChikeAfricanPower of GodBoy
ChikeEgyptianPower of GodBoy
ChinweikeAfricanGod Owns PowerUnisex
DhirenIndianStrong; Powerful; BraveBoy
DickEnglishPowerful ruler; BraveBoy
DickGermanRich and powerful rulerBoy
DickIndianPowerful ruler; BraveBoy
DickieEnglishPowerful ruler; BraveBoy
DickieIndianPowerful ruler; BraveBoy
DickyEnglishPowerful ruler; BraveBoy
DickyIndianPowerful ruler; BraveBoy
DiviyaIndianDivine powerGirl
DivyaIndianDivine powerGirl
DivyanshaIndianDivine powerGirl
DivyanshiIndianPart of a divine powerGirl
EmaurriGermanIndustrious PowerBoy
EmeraldEnglishJewel; Power to protect ChastityGirl
EmeraldIndianJewel; Power to protect ChastityGirl
EmericGermanWork PowerBoy
EmerickGermanWork PowerBoy
EmericoPortugueseWork powerBoy
EmericoSpanishWork PowerBoy
EmericusLatinWork PowerBoy
EmeryEnglishWork power; Industrious powerBoy
EmeryFrenchIndustrious PowerBoy
EmeryIndianWork power; Industrious powerBoy
EmerykPolishWork PowerBoy
EmmerichGermanWork PowerBoy
EmoryEnglishWork power; Industrious powerBoy
EmoryIndianWork power; Industrious powerBoy
ErrikosGreekWork PowerBoy
FarukhIndianPower of discriminationBoy
GarrickAnglo-SaxonSpear powerBoy
GomericGermanMan PowerBoy
GomericTeutonicMan powerBoy
GualterioSpanishStrong and powerful warriorBoy
GualtieroItalianStrong and Powerful Warrior; Ruler of the ArmyBoy
GurshaktiIndianPower of GuruGirl
GutierreSpanishPowerful RulerBoy
HermocratesLatinPower of HermesBoy
HermokratesGreekPower of HermesBoy
HippocratesLatinHorse PowerBoy
Hippokrates  (Ιπποκράτης)GreekHorse PowerBoy
HrodrickGermanFamous PowerBoy
HrodrickTeutonicFamous powerBoy
IkennaAfricanFather's PowerBoy
ImeldaSpanishPowerful FighterGirl
ImranIndianPowerful; ProsperousBoy
ImranaIndianPowerful; ProsperousGirl
ImtiazIndianPower of discriminationBoy
IndrathaIndianPower and dignity of IndraGirl
IqtidarIndianPower; Office; AuthorityBoy
Iser  (אִיסֶר)YiddishEqual Power; Struggles with God; IsrealBoy
IshwarIndianPowerful; Supreme GodBoy
IshwarIndianPowerful; The Supreme GodBoy
IsocratesLatinEqual PowerBoy
Isokrates  (Ισοκράτης)GreekEqual powerBoy
Issur  (אִיסָער)YiddishEqual Power; Struggles with God; IsrealBoy
Jabbar  (جبّار)ArabianMost Powerful; Mighty; StrongBoy
JelaniAfricanMighty; PowerfulBoy
KaimanaHawaiianPower of the Ocean; PowerfulUnisex
Kallikrates  (Καλλικράτης)GreekBeauty PowerBoy
KanoJapaneseMasculine Power; CapabilityBoy
KendraEnglishHigh hill; Keen powerGirl
KendraIndianHigh hill; Keen powerGirl
KendrickEnglishHigh hill; Keen powerBoy
KendrickIndianHigh hill; Keen powerBoy
KenrickEnglishHigh hill; Keen powerBoy
KenrickIndianHigh hill; Keen powerBoy
KudretTurkishPower; MightyBoy
LaranIndianPsychic Powers and abilities of the Comyn casteBoy
LaranIndianThe psychic powers and abilities of the Comyn caste.Boy
Li  ()ChineseUpright; Logical; Dawn; Strength; PowerBoy
LoroIndianGreat PowerBoy
MahaaveerIndianMost powerfulBoy
MahadevIndianLord Shiva; Most powerful godBoy
ManIndianSupernatural powerBoy
ManaIndianMind; Supernatural powerGirl
ManaIndianSupernatural powerGirl
ManasIndianMind; PowerBoy
MansaAfricanA King; PowerfulBoy
ManuelIndianPowerful; StrongBoy
MerrickEnglishFamous PowerBoy
MerrickIndianFamous PowerBoy
MiakodaNative AmericanPower of the MoonGirl
NakhtiEgyptianName PowerfulBoy
OldrichCzech & SlovakProsperity And PowerBoy
OmvatiIndianSacred; Having the power of OmGirl
OorjitIndianPowerful; StrongBoy
OrendaNative AmericanMagic PowerGirl
OsvaldoItalianGod Power/RuleBoy
OsvaldoPortugueseGod powerBoy
OsvaldusLatinDivine power; Divine rulerBoy
OswaldEnglishDivine power; Divine rulerBoy
OswaldGermanPower of GodBoy
OswaldIndianDivine power; Divine rulerBoy
OswalltWelshDivine power; Divine rulerBoy
OzzieEnglishDivine power; Divine rulerBoy
OzzieIndianDivine power; Divine rulerBoy
OzzyEnglishDivine power; Divine rulerBoy
OzzyIndianDivine power; Divine rulerBoy
PancrasEnglishAll PowerBoy
PancrasIndianAll PowerBoy
PancratiusLatinAll PowerBoy
PancrazioItalianAll PowerBoy
PankratiosGreekAll PowerBoy
PankrazGermanAll PowerBoy
PhilocratesLatinFriend of power; Love powerBoy
PhilokratesGreekFriend PowerBoy
PrabhavIndianEffect; Power; MightBoy
PravalithaIndianUnlimited powerGirl
Qadir  (قدير)ArabianCapable; PowerfulBoy
QadirIndianBrave; Courageous; Able; PowerfulBoy
QudratIndianPower; Strength; Potency; NatureBoy
RanaldScottishWise Ruler; PowerfulBoy
ReggieGermanPowerful RulerBoy
ReginaldGermanPowerful RulerBoy
RenaudIndianWise powerBoy
RhisiartWelshPowerful and braveBoy
RhonaScottishWise Ruler; PowerfulGirl
RicardFrenchRich and powerful rulerBoy
RicardaGermanRich and powerful rulerGirl
RicardaItalianRich and Powerful RulerGirl
RicardaLatinPowerful and BraveGirl
RicardaSpanishRich and powerful rulerGirl
RicardoGermanRich and powerful rulerBoy
RicardoSpanishPowerful and BraveBoy
RicardusLatinPowerful RulerBoy
RiccardaItalianPowerful and BraveGirl
RiccardoGermanRich and powerful rulerBoy
RiccardoItalianRich and Powerful Ruler; Powerful and Brave; Home RulerBoy
RicciardoItalianRich and Powerful Ruler; Powerful and Brave; Home RulerBoy
RichEnglishPowerful and brave rulerBoy
RichGermanRich and powerful rulerBoy
RichIndianPowerful and brave rulerBoy
RichardEnglishPowerful and brave rulerBoy
RichardFrenchRich and powerful rulerBoy
RichardGermanPowerful and braveBoy
RichardHungarianBrave; Rich and Powerful RulerBoy
RichardIndianPowerful and brave rulerBoy
RichardTeutonicPowerful and braveBoy
RichardaEnglishPowerful and brave rulerGirl
RichardaIndianPowerful and brave rulerGirl
RichardineEnglishPowerful and brave rulerGirl
RichardineIndianPowerful and brave rulerGirl
RichardoFrenchRich and powerful rulerBoy
RichelleEnglishPowerful and brave rulerGirl
RichelleIndianPowerful and brave rulerGirl
RichendraEnglishPowerful and brave rulerGirl
RichendraIndianPowerful and brave rulerGirl
RichieEnglishPowerful and brave rulerBoy
RichieIndianPowerful and brave rulerBoy
RichieSpanishBrave PowerBoy
RichmondGermanRich and powerful rulerBoy
RickEnglishPowerful and brave rulerBoy
RickIndianPowerful and brave rulerBoy
RickardGermanRich and powerful rulerBoy
RickenaEnglishPowerful and brave rulerGirl
RickenaIndianPowerful and brave rulerGirl
RickertGermanPowerful and braveBoy
RickeyEnglishPowerful and brave rulerBoy
RickeyIndianPowerful and brave rulerBoy
RickiEnglishPowerful and brave rulerUnisex
RickiIndianPowerful and brave rulerUnisex
RickieEnglishPowerful and brave rulerUnisex
RickieIndianPowerful and brave rulerUnisex
RickyEnglishPowerful and brave rulerBoy
RickyIndianPowerful and brave rulerBoy
RicoGermanRich and powerful rulerBoy
RicoItalianRich and Powerful Ruler; Powerful and Brave; Home RulerBoy
RicoSpanishRich and powerful rulerBoy
RikEnglishPowerful rulerBoy
RikIndianPowerful rulerBoy
RikardGermanRich and powerful rulerBoy
RikardHungarianBrave; Rich and Powerful RulerBoy
RikertGermanPowerful and braveBoy
RikhardFinnishPowerful and BraveBoy
RikkiEnglishPowerful and brave rulerGirl
RikkiIndianPowerful and brave rulerGirl
RikuFinnishPowerful and BraveBoy
RiocardGermanRich and powerful rulerBoy
RiqueFrenchRich and powerful rulerBoy
RisaCzech & SlovakRich And Powerful RulerBoy
RisteardGermanRich and powerful rulerBoy
RitchieEnglishPowerful rulerBoy
RitchieIndianPowerful rulerBoy
RitchieSpanishBrave PowerBoy
RodEnglishFamous PowerBoy
RodIndianFamous PowerBoy
RoddyEnglishFamous Power; Red king; ; Reddish BrownBoy
RoddyIndianFamous Power; Red king; ; Reddish BrownBoy
RodericEnglishFamous Power; Red kingBoy
RodericIndianFamous Power; Red kingBoy
RoderickEnglishFamous Power; Red kingBoy
RoderickIndianFamous Power; Red kingBoy
RoderickScottishFamous PowerGirl
RodrigoPortugueseFamous powerBoy
RodrigoSpanishFamous PowerBoy
RodrigueFrenchFamous PowerBoy
RonaScottishWise Ruler; PowerfulGirl
RonaldScottishWise Ruler; PowerfulBoy
RuiPortugueseFamous powerBoy
RuiseartScottishPowerful and BraveBoy
RuySpanishFamous PowerBoy
RyszardGermanPowerful RulerBoy
RyszardPolishRich and Powerful RulerBoy
RyszardaPolishRich and Powerful RulerGirl
SachisthIndianMost powerful; HelpfulBoy
SachisthIndianMost powerful helpfulBoy
Saddam  (صدّام)ArabianOne Who Confronts; Powerful RulerBoy
SagmaIndianPowerful; Mighty; StrongBoy
SahasanIndianPowerful; MightyBoy
SahasinIndianPowerful; MightyBoy
SahaskritIndianBestowing strength; PowerBoy
SahaujasIndianEndowed with strength or powerBoy
SahendraIndianResembling God Indra in powerBoy
SahishtIndianStrongest; Most powerfulBoy
Sakda  (ศักดา)ThaiPowerBoy
SakshamIndianAble powerfulBoy
SamarthIndianPowerful; Lord KrishnaBoy
SamrathIndianMighty and powerfulBoy
SatejasIndianFull of powerBoy
ShahrivarIndianDesirable powerUnisex
ShahrivarIranian (Persian)Desirable PowerUnisex
ShaktiIndianGoddess Durga; PowerfulGirl
ShaktiIndianGoddess Durga; PowerGirl
ShaktiSanskritThe powerful oneGirl
ShaktidharIndianLord Shiva; PowerfulBoy
ShaktikIndianPowerful; MightyBoy
ShalmaliIndianLord Vishnu's powerBoy
ShalmaliIndianSilk Cottom tree; Lord Vishnu's powerGirl
ShanayIndianPower of lord ShaniBoy
ShavasIndianPower; Might; VelourBoy
SisuFinnishWillpower; Determination; StrengthBoy
SocratesLatinWhole PowerBoy
SokratesGreekSound PowerBoy
Sroel  (סראָעל)YiddishEqual PowerBoy
TaraswinIndianBrave; Powerful; StrengthBoy
TaraswinIndianBrave; Shakti ka rup; PowerfulBoy
TejashreeIndianOne with divine power and graceGirl
TejashreeIndianWith divine power and graceGirl
TejashreeIndianWith devine power and graceGirl
TejjIndianlight of powerGirl
TejshriIndianOf divine powersGirl
TejshriIndianDivine powersGirl
TuryaIndianSpiritual powerGirl
UeliSwissProsperity and powerBoy
UlaEnglishWolf powerGirl
UlaIndianWolf powerGirl
UllaFinnishPowerful and ProsperousGirl
UllaScandinavianProsperity and powerGirl
UlricEnglishWolf powerBoy
UlricIndianPower of the wolfBoy
UlricaEnglishWolf powerGirl
UlricaIndianPower of the wolfGirl
UlrickEnglishWolf powerBoy
UlrickIndianPower of the wolfBoy
UlricusLatinProsperity and PowerBoy
UlriikkaFinnishPowerful and ProsperousGirl
UlrikScandinavianProsperity and powerBoy
UlrikaFinnishPowerful and ProsperousGirl
UlrikaScandinavianProsperity and powerGirl
UlrikeDanishProsperity And PowerGirl
UtzGermanProsperity and powerBoy
UzaHebrewPower; StrengthGirl
UziHebrewPower; StrengthBoy
UziaEnglishPower of JehovahBoy
UziaIndianPower of JehovahBoy
UziahEnglishPower of JehovahBoy
UziahIndianPower of JehovahBoy
UzzaHebrewPower; StrengthGirl
UzziBiblicalMy PowerBoy
UzziHebrewPower; StrengthBoy
UzziaEnglishPower of JehovahBoy
UzziaIndianPower of JehovahBoy
UzziahEnglishPower of JehovahBoy
UzziahIndianPower of JehovahBoy
VaibhavIndianGlorious; Powerful; Prosperity; RichnessBoy
VaibhavIndianGlorious; Powerful; ProsperityBoy
VaibhavIndianRichness; Prosperity; Glorious; Powerful; Born of moonBoy
ValdaGermanPower; RuleGirl
ValeryFrenchForeign PowerBoy
VeldaEnglishPower; RuleGirl
VeldaIndianPower; RuleGirl
VibhuIndianAll pervading; PowerfulBoy
VidhutIndianElectricity; PowerGirl
VidyutIndianElectricity; Power; Brilliant; LighteningGirl
VikrantIndianPowerful; BraveBoy
VikrantIndianBrave; Powerful; StrongBoy
VikrantaIndianPowerful; BraveBoy
Virote  (วิโรจน์)ThaiPowerBoy
WaldoGermanGod's PowerBoy
Wei  (; ; ; ; )ChineseImpressive; Power; Strength; Great; MightyUnisex
WibawaIndonesianCharisma; Authority; PowerBoy
WibowoIndonesianCharisma; Authority; PowerBoy
WulfricAnglo-SaxonWolf powerBoy
Xenocrates  (Ξενοκράτης)GreekStrange PowerBoy

List of Surnames that means 'Power'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
EmeryEnglish Work Power
EmeryGerman Work Power
HerrickGerman Army power
KendrickEnglish Keen Power
MerrickEnglish Famous power

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