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Name that means

Meaning:  Sun Light

List of Names that means 'Sun Light'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AnshuIndianLord Surya (Sun); Ray of lightBoy
ArkaIndianSun; Flash of lightning; RayGirl
ArushIndianFirst ray of sunlightBoy
BhanuprakashIndianSun lightBoy
DeepeshIndianLord of lights; SunBoy
DivyanshuIndianDivine light; SunBoy
FreyrNorseGod of rain and sunlightBoy
JyotiIndianFlame; Light; Lamp; The light of the SunGirl
JyotiSanskritFlame; Light; Lamp; The light of the SunGirl
KadhiroliIndianIntelligent; Brilliant like a ray of sunlightGirl
KiranIndianSun rays; Ray of lightBoy
NoorainIndianBoth light of sun and moon; Both eyesUnisex
NoorainIndianBoth light (of sun and moon); Both eyesUnisex
PrabhaIndianLight; Glow; Shine; Radiant like the sunGirl
PrabhakarIndianSun; One who creates light; Light makerBoy
PrabhakarIndianLord Surya (Sun); One who gives lightBoy
PrabhakarIndianOne who creates light; SunBoy
PriyanshuIndianFirst ray of sunlightBoy
PriyanshuIndianFirst ray of sunlight.Boy
RashmiIndianA ray of light; Sun raysGirl
RashmiIndianRay of light; Sun RaysGirl
RashmikaIndianRay of light; Sun RaysGirl
RaviprabhaIndianLight of the sunGirl
RaviprabhaIndianLight of sunGirl
RohitIndianRed; The sun's red light; First rays of the sunBoy
RohitSanskritRed; The sun's red light; First rays of the sunBoy
SerenaEnglishSunlight; SunshineGirl
SerenaIndianQuiet; Calm; Sunlight; SunshineGirl
SouradipIndianIsland of sunlightBoy
SuryaprakashIndianSun lightBoy
Yoko  (洋子)JapaneseOcean Child; Positive Child; Child Of SunlightGirl
Youta  (陽太)JapaneseGreat SunlightBoy