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 Names meaning 'Young'

Name that means

Meaning:  Young

List of Names that means 'Young'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AanisaIndianYoung lady; MaidenGirl
AanisahIndianYoung lady; MaidenGirl
AbhinavIndianYoung; New; Novel; InnovativeBoy
AbhinavIndianYoung; New; Novel; Innovative; An ActBoy
AbhinavaIndianNew; Young; Fresh; ModernBoy
AbhinavaIndianNew; Young; Fresh; Modern; ExperienceBoy
AegidiosGreekKid; Young GoatBoy
AegidiusLatinKid; Young GoatBoy
AfraHebrewYoung DoeGirl
AgidGermanKid; Young GoatBoy
AgidiusGermanKid; Young GoatBoy
AigidiusLatinKid; Young GoatBoy
AnujIndianYounger Brother; Good in everythingBoy
AnujIndianGood in everything; Younger brotherBoy
AnujIndianYounger brotherBoy
AnujaIndianGood in everything; Younger sisterGirl
AnujaIndianYounger SisterGirl
AnujaSanskritYounger SisterGirl
AzzaIndianYoung female gazelleGirl
AzzaIndianYoung gazelleGirl
AzzahIndianYoung; Female gazelleGirl
BaalaIndianA young girlGirl
BaalaSanskritA young girlGirl
BaalkrishanIndianYoung KrishnaBoy
Bakr  (بكر)ArabianYoung CamelBoy
BakrIndianYoung camelBoy
BalaIndianYoung girl; DamselGirl
BalaIndianYoung girlGirl
BalaSanskritChild; Young oneBoy
BalaSanskritA young girlGirl
BalaadityaIndianYoung Sun; Young Man; Rising SunBoy
BalaadityaSanskritYoung Sun; Young ManBoy
BalachandraIndianYoung moonBoy
BalachandraIndianYoung Moon; Crescent moonBoy
BalachandraSanskritYoung Moon; Crescent moonBoy
BaladityaIndianYoung SunBoy
BalagovindSanskritYoung cow-herd; Infant KrishnaBoy
BalakrishnaIndianYoung KrishnaBoy
BalakrishnaIndianYoung lord KrishnaBoy
BalamaniIndianYoung jewelBoy
BalamaniIndianYoung jewel; Small jewelGirl
BalamaniSanskritYoung jewel; Small jewelGirl
BalamuruganIndianYoung lord MuruganBoy
BalashankarIndianYoung lord ShivaBoy
BalenduIndianYoung moonBoy
BalkrishanIndianYoung KrishnaBoy
BalkrishanIndianYoung lord KrishnaBoy
BalmukundIndianYoung KrishnaBoy
BornaIndianYoung; Youthful; HandsomeBoy
BornaIranian (Persian)Young; YouthfulBoy
CamillaItalianYoung Ceremonial AttendantGirl
CamilleiFrenchYoung AttendantGirl
CammiFrenchYoung AttendantGirl
CerenTurkishYoung GazelleGirl
ChoviohoyaNative AmericanYoung DeerBoy
CollinEnglishWhelp; Young pupBoy
CollinIndianWhelp; Young pupBoy
DeidraEnglishYoung girlGirl
DeidraIndianYoung girlGirl
DeidreEnglishYoung girlGirl
DeidreIndianYoung girlGirl
DeirdreEnglishYoung girlGirl
DeirdreIndianYoung girlGirl
DeitraEnglishYoung girlGirl
DeitraIndianYoung girlGirl
DimasIndonesianYounger BrotherBoy
EfronHebrewYoung StagBoy
EgidiusLatinKid; Young GoatBoy
EgidiuszPolishKid; Young GoatBoy
EgyedHungarianKid; Young GoatBoy
ElampiraiIndianYoung CrescentGirl
EvanScottishYoung WarriorBoy
EvannaScottishYoung WarriorGirl
EvettaHebrewYoung ArcherGirl
EvetteHebrewYoung ArcherGirl
EvinaScottishYoung WarriorGirl
FaunFrenchA young deerGirl
FaunaFrenchA young deerGirl
FauniaFrenchA young deerGirl
FawniaFrenchA young deerGirl
GaurikaIndianA young girlGirl
GaurikaIndianYoung girlGirl
GaurikaIndianYoung; PrettyGirl
GhassanIndianYoung; Youthful; HandsomeBoy
GhaydaIndianYoung and delicateGirl
GhaydaaIndianYoung and delicateGirl
GilEnglishKid; Young GoatBoy
GilIndianKid; Young GoatBoy
GilPortugueseKid; Young GoatBoy
GilesEnglishKid; Young GoatBoy
GilesIndianKid; Young GoatBoy
GillisDutchYoung GoatBoy
GurHebrewYoung LionBoy
GuriHebrewYoung LionBoy
GuriceHebrewYoung LionGirl
GurionHebrewYoung LionBoy
GuryonHebrewYoung LionBoy
GylesEnglishKid; Young GoatBoy
GylesIndianKid; Young GoatBoy
HafsIndianLion; Young of lionBoy
Haytham  (هيثم)ArabianYoung Eagle; Young HawkBoy
HaythamIndianYoung hawkBoy
IccauhtliNahuatlYounger brotherBoy
IdziPolishKid; Young GoatBoy
IlampiraiIndianYoung crescentGirl
IlamuruguIndianYoung lord MuruganBoy
IlandevanIndianYoung masterBoy
IlanthirayanIndianYoung man whose influence extends beyond the seasBoy
IlavalaganIndianYoung and handsomeBoy
IlavalagiIndianYoung and beautifulGirl
IvetteSpanishYoung ArcherGirl
IvonneFrenchYoung ArcherGirl
JavanehIndianSprout; YoungGirl
JavanehIranian (Persian)Sprout; YoungGirl
JokoIndonesianYoung ManBoy
JoshikaIndianYoung maidenGirl
JuniorEnglishYoung; A nickname for a boy having same name as his fatherBoy
JuniorIndianYoung; A nickname for a boy having same name as his fatherBoy
KamilkaPolishYoung Ceremonial AttendantGirl
KanizahIndianYoung girlGirl
KanvarIndianYoung princeBoy
KanyaIndianDaughter; Girl; Young ladyGirl
Kanya  (กัญญา)ThaiThe Beautiful Lady; Girl; A Young LadyGirl
KanyakumariIndianThe Youngest; Girl; Maiden; Daughter; The virgin goddessGirl
KanyakumariIndianGirl; Maiden; Daughter; Virgin goddess; YoungestGirl
KanyakumariIndianYoungest; Girl; Maiden; Daughter; The virgin goddessGirl
KanyakumariIndianYoungest; Girl; Maiden; Daughter; Virgin goddessGirl
KiiraFinnishFar Sighted; YoungGirl
KishorIndianYoung boy; Youthful; Lord KrishnaBoy
KishorIndianA Young boyBoy
KishorIndianYoung; YouthBoy
KishoreIndianYoung; YouthBoy
KishoreIndianYoung boy; Youthful; Lord KrishnaBoy
KishorekumarIndianYoung; YouthBoy
KishorekumarIndianYoung boy; Youthful; Lord KrishnaBoy
KishoriIndianYoung; YouthGirl
KishoriIndianA Young girlGirl
KishoriIndianYoung damselGirl
KishoriIndianYoung girl; YouthfulGirl
KrishnabalaIndianYoung KrishnaBoy
KrishnabalaIndianYoung lord KrishnaBoy
KumarIndianPrince; Young boyBoy
KumariIndianYoung GirlGirl
LeonelSpanishYoung LionBoy
LeonelaFrenchYoung LionessGirl
LeonelleFrenchYoung LionessGirl
LeonidesSpanishYoung LionBoy
LeveretFrenchYoung RabbitBoy
LeverettFrenchYoung RabbitBoy
LionelEnglishYoung LionBoy
LionelFrenchYoung LionBoy
LionelIndianYoung LionBoy
LionellFrenchYoung LionBoy
LonellFrenchYoung LionBoy
LonnellFrenchYoung LionBoy
LovellFrenchYoung WolfBoy
LowellFrenchYoung WolfBoy
MaariyaIndianA young dog or fox (First Umayyad Khalifah)Girl
MaawiyaIndianA young dog or fox (First Umayyad Khalifah)Boy
MackenzieScottishMaid; Young Woman; FairGirl
MaidieEnglishYoung womanGirl
MaidieIndianYoung womanGirl
MaidieScottishMaid; Young WomanGirl
MilaPolishYoung Ceremonial AttendantGirl
MillaPolishYoung Ceremonial AttendantGirl
Mladen  (Младен)BulgarianYoungBoy
MugdhaIndianInnocent young girl; Spellbound; InnocentGirl
MugdhaIndianInnocent young girlGirl
MugdhaIndianInnocent young girl; SpellboundGirl
NahalIndianYoung plantGirl
NahalIranian (Persian)A Young PlantGirl
NavyaIndianWorth praising; YoungGirl
NavyaIndianYoung; Worth praisingGirl
NirjaraIndianYoung; Not becoming oldGirl
NukaNative AmericanYounger SiblingUnisex
OferHebrewYoung Fawn; Young MountainBoy
OfraHebrewYoung Fawn; Young MountainGirl
OphraHebrewYoung Fawn; Young MountainGirl
OphrahHebrewYoung Fawn; Young MountainUnisex
OprahEnglishYoung Fawn; Young MountainGirl
OprahHebrewYoung Fawn; Young MountainUnisex
OprahIndianYoung Fawn; Young MountainGirl
OtgonbayarMongolianYoungest JoyBoy
PageEnglishPage; Young servantUnisex
PageIndianPage; Young servantUnisex
PagetEnglishPage; Young servantGirl
PagetIndianPage; Young servantGirl
PaigeEnglishPage; Young servantUnisex
PaigeIndianPage; Young servantUnisex
PallabIndianSprouting; Young shoots and leaves; Bud; New leavesBoy
PallavIndianSprouting; Young shoots and leaves; Bud; New leavesBoy
PallavIndianYoung shoots and leavesBoy
PallaviIndianBud; Sprouting; A young shootGirl
PallaviIndianSprouting; Young shoots and leaves; Bud; New leavesGirl
PurwantoIndonesianThe Youngest Male KidBoy
RaamaanujIndianYounger brother of RamaBoy
RamanujIndianYounger brother of lord RamaBoy
RamanujIndianLord Krishna; Lord Laxman; Younger brother of lord RamaBoy
RamanujIndianYounger brother of lord Rama; Lord LaxmanBoy
Rasha  (رشا)ArabianYoung GazelleGirl
RashaIndianYoung gazelleGirl
RashaaIndianYoung gazelleGirl
RashaadIndianYoung gazelleBoy
SavaIndianSaint who was a trainer of young monksBoy
SavaIndianSaint who was a trainer of young monks.Boy
Shaoqing  (少卿)ChineseYoung BlueGirl
ShibilIndianYoung one in ArabicBoy
ShibilIndianYoung oneBoy
ShorashiIndianYoung womanGirl
SydneEnglishPage; Young servantUnisex
SydneIndianPage; Young servantUnisex
TaimiFinnishSapling; Young TreeGirl
TalithaArabianYoung GirlGirl
TarunIndianYoung; YouthBoy
TarunIndianYoung; Youth; TenderBoy
TarunSanskritYoung; TenderBoy
TarunaIndianYoung girlGirl
TarunaIndianYoung; YouthGirl
TaruneshIndianYoung; YouthBoy
TaruniIndianYoung girlGirl
TaruniIndianYoung; YouthGirl
TarunikaIndianYoung girlGirl
TarunikaIndianYoung; YouthGirl
TarunimaIndianYoung; YouthGirl
TayanitaNative AmericanYoung BeaverGirl
TeicuihNahuatlYounger sisterGirl
TeuicuiNahuatlYounger sisterGirl
ThorelloItalianYoung BullBoy
TriyaIndianYoung womanGirl
TriyaIndianYoung girlGirl
TuariNative AmericanYoung EagleBoy
TukaIndianYoung boyBoy
UmaymahIndianYoung motherGirl
VesaFinnishSprout; Young TreeBoy
WaynaNative AmericanYoungBoy
XocoNahuatlYoungest sisterGirl
XocoyotlNahuatlYoungest childGirl
YoushaIndianYoung girlGirl
YuvatiIndianYoung ladyGirl
YuviIndianYoung ladyBoy
YuvikaIndianYoung woman; MaidGirl
YuvnaIndianYoung; Strong; HealthyGirl

List of Surnames that means 'Young'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
CullenIrish Whelp; Young Pup
PageEnglish Page; Young servant

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