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keeping your baby healthy

Parents are always worried about their kids and want their baby to be always healthy. All parents and typically first time parents are more nervous and apprehensive about keeping their newborn at the best of health. They offer him or her the most nutritious kind of food, keep him or her as clean and well groomed.

The best way to give your baby the best of health is to follow the natural rhythm your baby is adopting. Newborn will itself set himself or herself into a natural routine within few weeks after birth like wakening up and sleeping at particular time, getting hungry after fixed interval of time, playing for sometime or crying. This natural routine may be sometime disturbed due to illness or change in weather but otherwise your baby will settle down with a fixed natural routine

Newborn babies do not have a good immunity and their immunity builds up as the child grows older. Newborn may suffer from frequent digestion problem, fever, nappy rashes, breast milk not suiting the child, ear infection etc. The first thing the parents should do is to give the child a warm touch and comfort. Parent should first use natural remedies for the newborn and should administer medicine only if natural cure does not works. Parents should however immediately seek medical advise if the child condition is bad or if child is crying continuously

With a newborn there is so much to do and particularly when the baby is small and have not yet adopted to its natural routine. Newborn needs to be fed regularly, burped, changed, put to sleep and rocked. Parents typically the first time parents may sometime get too stressed out by having very little time for themselves for their daily routine. This can induce stress and the stress related symptoms such as short temperedness, severe headaches, lack of sleep and even loss of appetite.

The best way for the parents to deal with these stress is to take help of their spouse and/or their relatives typically in-laws with who have already undergone similar stress with their newborn earlier. These symptoms need to be identified and well understood and the parents should take a regular breaks from childcare routine and should take care of themselves first, remember you should first be healthy to takecare of your newborn

Within a few weeks the parents will get adopted to the newborn routine and then the childcare process will become as a piece of cake.

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