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Pregnancy weeks

Note: Information provided on this page is for general education only, growth of baby inside womb depends upon many factor and growth of your baby may differ slightly than indicated below, please seek medical assistance when in doubt.

In 6th month of pregnancy ...
Pregnancy month six starts at (pregnancy) week 22 till week 26, the sixth month of pregnancy completes the 2nd pregnancy trimester. The baby will grow to average length of about 14.02 inches or 35.6 centimeter measured Crown to Heel weighing about 1.68 pound or 760 grams towards the ends of this month.

   In 1st week of this month (pregnancy week 22)
  • The brain of baby is now growing rapidly and the baby too is growing bigger and bigger every day.

  • Baby has now developed eyebrows and is adding more fats and do not look as translucent as it did a couple of weeks ago. Baby has fingernails, tiny as they are.

  • If your baby is a girl her uterus and vagina will be in place and if your baby is a boy, his testes will be descending from his abdomen down into his scrotum.

  • Many babies have enlarged genitals when they are born. This is result of pregnancy hormones causing them to swell. Over first few weeks after birth the enlarged genitals do settle down to their normal size.

  • Baby will grow to average length of about 10.94 inches or 27.8 centimeter Crown to Heel and weighs about 15.17 ounces or 430 grams towards the ends of this week.

   In 2nd week of this month (pregnancy week 23)
  • The eyes of baby are formed but lack pigmentation. Body proportions are similar to a newborn’s, though the fetus is still thin. The baby's fingernails are almost fully formed, and the lanugo darkens.

  • For baby boy testicles begin to descend into the groin from the abdomen and for a baby girl the uterus and ovaries have developed.

  • Baby is starting to form an important substance in its lungs, known as surfactant which will help its tiny alveoli to stay open when it is born.

  • Baby's heart chambers and major blood vessels can now be seen on ultrasound, although they are still very small, they will continue to grow through the rest of pregnancy and at birth, the heart will be around the size of a walnut.

  • Baby has developed its hearing and its ears are fully functioning, baby at this stage often reacts to loud and sudden sound such as dog barking, door slamming, car backfiring and often will make its jump inside your belly.

  • Baby’s bones are hardening and baby now makes stronger and coordinated baby kicks instead of little flutters and can now move all its muscle.

  • Baby will grow to average length of about 11.38 inches or 28.9 centimeter Crown to Heel and weighs about 1.10 pound or 501 grams towards the ends of this week.

   In 3rd week of this month (pregnancy week 24)
  • Baby is now gaining around 170 grams per week. Fat, muscle and growing bones account for most of their weight gain.

  • Baby develops distinct sleeping and waking-up patterns. Baby’s senses such as sight, touch, hearing and taste are all maturing so that by birth, it will be able to respond to feeding stimulus.

  • Baby's eyelashes and eyebrows are now growing; real hair too begins to grow on their head. Baby is forming footprints and fingerprints, unique markers which will reflect its own, different from anyone else's.

  • Baby is almost completely formed, and is beginning to deposit brown fat; the purpose of brown fat is to retain body heat. Newborns are bad at regulating body temperature at first. Babies born now would have about 50% chance of surviving with very special care.

  • Baby will grow to average length of about 11.81 inches or 30 centimeter Crown to Heel and weighs about 1.32 pound or 600 grams towards the ends of this week.

   In 4th week of this month (pregnancy week 25)
  • Baby's bones are continuing their ossification process, becoming stronger, dense and harder.

  • In baby's lungs, surfactant is coating their tiny alveoli, helping them to stay open and retain oxygen at birth.

  • Baby will grow to average length of about 13.62 inches or 34.6 centimeter Crown to Heel and weighs about 1.46 pound or 660 grams towards the ends of this week.

   In 5th week of this month (pregnancy week 26)
  • Baby’s veins are clearly visible through their skin, although it quickly changes from transparent to opaque. Baby is growing longer and laying down more fats that will serve as an effective means of insulation when they are born.

  • Lungs are developing surfactant, which allows them to inflate.

  • Baby’s eyelids are no longer fused and baby will soon learn to open and close their eyes, blink and practice focusing in the remaining few months of your pregnancy. Baby is now aware of light and darkness.

  • Baby can hear surrounding sounds like mother’s heartbeat, digestion, and other body functions as well as external noises, baby may jump around inside womb at sudden noise.

  • Baby begins to sleep for longer periods, often matching them with the sleeping pattern of the mother. The amniotic fluid isn't being produced at the same volume as they were a couple of weeks ago and as your baby is bigger now and stretches out its arms and legs more often, with less fluid to buffer its movements, you'll be now more aware of baby’s kicks and stretches.

  • An average birth weight of a normal baby at birth is around 3.5 kilograms with pregnancy factors, genetics and individual DNA influencing its size and weight.

  • Baby will grow to average length of about 14.02 inches or 35.6 centimeter Crown to Heel and weighs about 1.68 pound or 760 grams towards the ends of this week.

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