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Pregnancy weeks

Note: Information provided on this page is for general education only, growth of baby inside womb depends upon many factor and growth of your baby may differ slightly than indicated below, please seek medical assistance when in doubt.

In 7th month of pregnancy ...
Pregnancy month seven starts at (pregnancy) week 27 till week 30. The baby will grow to average length of about 15.71 inches or 39.9 centimeter measured Crown to Heel weighing about 2.91 pounds or 1.31 kg towards the ends of this month.

   In 1st week of this month (pregnancy week 27)
  • Baby is growing quickly with more fats forming under its skin and around its vital organs. Baby is less skinny than it was and is gradually filling out with more muscles and fats and spends less time being curled up.

  • Baby's eyes retina is getting more matured every day.

  • Baby's skin is much wrinkled from floating in water and will stay that way until a few weeks after birth.

  • Though baby's oxygen needs are still being catered by placenta, baby practices breathing the amniotic fluid in and out of its lungs for those all important breaths after birth.

  • Baby will grow to average length of about 14.41 inches or 36.6 centimeter Crown to Heel and weighs about 1.93 pound or 875 grams towards the ends of this week.

   In 2nd week of this month (pregnancy week 28)
  • Baby is rapidly gaining weight and can taste, smell, and eyes can produce tears, baby can suck thumb, blink, roll, kick, grasp and hiccough. The bones are almost fully developed though still soft.

  • Baby’s brain is developing rapidly and will increase about 400 to 500 percent in weight between now and delivery, brain is changing from being soft and smoothly rounded to having familiar grooves and indentations on its surface.

  • Baby's eye lashes are developing, and subcutaneous fat is deposited. Baby's head hair are growing, though some babies are born bald or with fine almost invisible hairs on their head, others are born with a thatch of hair.

  • Baby continues to practice breathing amniotic fluid in and out of its lungs and swallowing it as well.

  • A baby born at this time has good chances of survival with the help of advance medical technology.

  • Baby will grow to average length of about 14.80 inches or 37.6 centimeter Crown to Heel and weighs about 2.22 pounds or 1005 grams towards the ends of this week.

   In 3rd week of this month (pregnancy week 29)
  • Baby is growing rapidly and now is beginning to independently regulate its body temperature and the bone marrow is completely in charge of producing the red blood cells. By now baby urinates about half liter of urine into the amniotic fluid everyday.

  • Baby's movements will probably peak in month from weeks 26 to 30 as there is still plenty of space for complete body movement and to change positions, with time as the baby grows the space will become more cramped and the baby once making wild gymnastic parties will slowly be able to make only smaller moves such as moving elbows or knees.

  • Baby's adrenal glands are producing a chemical which will be converted into estriol (a form of estrogen) by the placenta. Estriol is believed to stimulate the production of prolactin by mother’s body and to produce milk for breastfeed.

  • Baby's lung is developing and airways are further maturing, with little tree like structures - the bronchioles and alveoli are increasing in number every moment, however it takes up to eight years for a child's respiratory system to become fully mature.

  • Baby is still less than half the weight it will be at birth and there is lots of muscles getting build and fats being accumulated under its skin and if the baby is born now, it would look very thin with long limbs.

  • Baby's chances of survival are increasing with every passing week.

  • Baby will grow to average length of about 15.2 inches or 38.6 centimeter Crown to Heel and weighs about 2.54 pounds or 1153 grams towards the ends of this week.

   In 4th week of this month (pregnancy week 30)
  • Baby's fingernails are almost at the end of its fingertips and some babies may need their nails cut in first few days after birth. Baby from now until next few weeks will keep adding weight.

  • Baby now has developed a distinct sleep and wake cycles.

  • More fat is forming under baby's skin making it to appear rounder and less frail than it’s been earlier, the loose folds of skin over their limbs and body are being filled, and their skin will be smooth and even at birth.

  • Baby's brain and their nervous system are almost mature. At birth, they will have millions of neurons just waiting for lots of loving interaction and stimulation.

  • Baby is very much aware of the surroundings. Start communicating with your baby, talk to them, sing to them, your baby is hearing it all and this will help to build an emotional connection with your baby.

  • Baby will grow to average length of about 15.71 inches or 39.9 centimeter Crown to Heel and weighs about 2.91 pounds or 1319 grams towards the ends of this week.

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