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Pregnancy weeks

Note: Information provided on this page is for general education only, growth of baby inside womb depends upon many factor and growth of your baby may differ slightly than indicated below, please seek medical assistance when in doubt.

In 8th month of pregnancy ...
Pregnancy month eight starts at (pregnancy) week 31 till week 35. The baby will grow to average length of about 18.19 inches or 46.2 centimeter measured Crown to Heel weighing about 5.25 pounds or 2.38 kg towards the ends of this month.

   In 1st week of this month (pregnancy week 31)
  • Baby is now gaining more weight than is increasing in length, although individual growth rate may vary.

  • Baby’s irises can now dilate and contract in response to light. Baby is spending long periods of time in REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep.

  • Due to the deposits of white fat underneath the skin the baby's skin is no longer red but is now turning pink or pale yellowish in color.

  • Baby will grow to average length of about 16.18 inches or 41.1 centimeter Crown to Heel and weighs about 3.31 pounds or 1502 grams towards the ends of this week.

   In 2nd week of this month (pregnancy week 32)
  • Baby is now gaining roughly 250 grams per week mostly as fat and muscle tissue.

  • Baby is spending lot of time kicking, swallowing, moving its little arms around, sucking, grimacing and frowning. It can even move its head from side to side and is opening and closing its eyes.

  • Baby's skin is less translucent and more fat cells are settling under its skin and plumping out those skin folds. Lanugo begins to disappear. All five senses are developed, and REM (dream-cycle) sleep is beginning. Baby is having periods of rest and activity and may follow similar pattern each day.

  • Baby's bones are getting harder and calcifying. Ensure to have daily calcium rich foods such as milk, cheese, yoghurt, almonds, and fish with edible bones. Green leafy vegetables are good source of calcium. Woman’s who cannot tolerate cow's milk can take soy milk products which are fortified with calcium.

  • If your baby was born now, baby would have an excellent chances of surviving without life threatening complications. Babies who are born at younger gestation than this will most likely having difficulties sucking or nursing.

  • Baby will grow to average length of about 16.69 inches or 42.4 centimeter Crown to Heel and weighs about 3.75 pounds or 1702 grams towards the ends of this week.

   In 3rd week of this month (pregnancy week 33)
  • Baby's lungs are maturing and baby’s little body is producing surfactant, which helps baby breathe after birth, coating the alveoli in the lungs, in case of premature delivery the surfactant will help their airways to stay open and not collapse.

  • The amniotic fluid which surrounds baby is peaking in volume around now and is creating a warm, sterile bath for your baby to float around. The amount of amniotic fluid is a sign of how well your baby's kidneys are working. A baby should normally be producing around 500ml/day at this stage of pregnancy.

  • Baby will grow to average length of about 17.20 inches or 43.7 centimeter Crown to Heel and weighs about 4.23 pounds or 1918 grams towards the ends of this week.

   In 4th week of this month (pregnancy week 34)
  • Baby is continuing to grow bigger and bigger each day. The baby can now take deep breaths, blink eyes, open eye when awake and close them when asleep, the pupils dilate and constrict in reaction to light and limits the amount of light entering the eye.

  • Hormones from the placenta are starting to activate the milk in mother’s breasts.

  • For baby boy, his testicles will migrate way down from his abdomen into his scrotum. Few newborn boys will have undescended testicles at birth, which will descend within the first year.

  • Pregnancy hormones may cause scrotum to be swollen at birth for baby boys and for baby girl, her vulva will appear puffy and swollen as well. Both of these changes settle down within the first few weeks after birth.

  • Vernix caseosa which was covering your baby's skin is still protecting it; however the soft downy hair - the lanugo - which was covering baby’s skin, now starts to disappear.

  • Baby will grow to average length of about 17.72 inches or 45 centimeter Crown to Heel and weighs about 4.73 pounds or 2146 grams towards the ends of this week.

   In 5th week of this month (pregnancy week 35)
  • Baby is now becoming more ready for birth with each passing hour. The brain of baby has nearly doubled in last six weeks, though the nervous system, lungs and immune system are still maturing, everything else from toenails to the head hairs are fully formed.

  • Baby on average is putting ˝ pounds a week, mostly adding fats that will be needed to regulate body temperature and to insulate them once born.

  • Energy that was used in expanding length will now be refocused on their weight gain. There won't be much increase in length other than a couple of centimeters in the last few weeks until they are born.

  • Intense brain growth is occurring and the neurons and early connections in baby’s brain are developing. Remember to add Omega 3 rich foods in daily diet. Oily fish such as salmon, sardines and tuna are good sources.

  • Baby born this week onwards will have 99% chances of surviving.

  • Baby will grow to average length of about 18.19 inches or 46.2 centimeter Crown to Heel and weighs about 5.25 pounds or 2383 grams towards the ends of this week.

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