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Pregnancy weeks

Note: Information provided on this page is for general education only, growth of baby inside womb depends upon many factor and growth of your baby may differ slightly than indicated below, please seek medical assistance when in doubt.

In this week ...
  • Baby is fully developed and is getting ready to be born any moment, the baby is anywhere from 17 inches to 22 inches long and weighs from 7 pounds to 10 pounds depending upon multiple factors such as parent’s genetics, baby's DNA, nutrition, age of mother, number of child born to mother before this pregnancy, etc.

  • The average weight of different babies at the end of this week is about 7.63 pounds or 3462 grams and length is about 20.16 inches or 51.2 centimeter tall (measured Crown to Heel).

  • Baby's brain is still developing and building more nerves and connections between them and the same will continue throughout its early childhood. Baby is also busy making immune system stronger and developing its lungs, the baby’s lung will continue to mature till your baby reaches 8 years of age.

  • Meconium, the baby’s first stool present in the baby's intestines will be shed as the first movement after birth. Meconium is a black, thick, tarry substance and in about 30% of the time, the baby will actually pass this stool before birth.

  • Many babies have enlarged genitals when they are born. This is result of pregnancy hormones causing them to swell. Over first few weeks after birth the enlarged genitals do settle down to their normal size.

  • Don't be frightened if your OB-GYN says your baby is large as it is extremely difficult to judge a baby's weight accurately from outside.

  • Few pregnancies particularly of the first time mother and young age mother may last few days to few weeks beyond due date, though it is perfectly normal, due consultation with your midwife or doctor is necessary.

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